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Welcome to the future of business with Cheesy360 video

Why 360 video is good for business

If you already have videos of your business on your website or YouTube channel for people to check out your venue (maybe you’re a restaurant, club, bar, or even an estate agent displaying properties for sale) you know how important video is in promoting your business.

But 360 video for business will make viewers really feel immersed. It’s like they’re actually there.

Say goodbye to boring, static business videos

It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? How can something that moves be static?

Well, when the viewer of a video can’t choose where to look and is completely at the mercy of the cameraman, it’s not exactly dynamic, is it?

Letting the viewer be in control

With 360 video, if viewers see something in the corner of the video that interests them, they aren’t stuck hoping the camera will swoop back to give them a better look.

No, with 360 video a viewer simply turns their head and looks at whatever catches their eye.

360 video completely immerses the viewer and gets them excited about what you have to offer.

You film it, we’ll edit it

How Cheesy360 works: We send out a camera to you, you do as much filming as you want and then send it back to us so we can edit the footage into immersive 360 virtual reality experiences.

Check out our Cheesy virtual reality Headset

Our Cheesy virtual reality Headset takes 360 virtual reality video made by Cheesy360 (or any other 360 video) and transforms it into an interactive experience.

When people check out your business with a 360 video and a Cheesy virtual reality Headset, it’ll be like they’re really there (so make sure you have a tidy up).

Our Cheesy virtual reality Headset is especially great for estate agents to show people around properties without even leaving your office.

Our Cheesy virtual reality Headset is compatible with most phones sized 4.5-5”, Android or iPhone.

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