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360 virtual reality videos for events

Finally, a party for the 21st century

360 virtual reality videos from Cheesy360 mean you and your friends can experience all the party antics over and over again. You can watch the videos on PC or smartphone, or pop on a virtual reality headset, and it’ll be like you’re still there.

Wedding videos in 360

Gone are the days when the only way to relive a wedding day was through photos. Now with 360 virtual reality wedding videos it’s like you’re actually there again.

Corporate event videos in 360

If you want people to really know what your business is all about, you can use 360 virtual reality video to let them experience your corporate event even if they don’t attend.

Keep the music playing with 360 virtual reality video at gigs and festivals

When you use one of our cameras to film a music gig or festival, the 360 virtual reality videos we edit allow people to experience it with all of atmosphere of the live event but in the comfort of their own homes.

Endless possibilities

We’ve given you a few examples of the kinds of events you can film with Cheesy360, but the possibilities are endless.

Any event can be kept alive forever with 360 virtual reality video because it lets people experience it as if they’re really there.

You film it, we’ll edit it

How Cheesy360 works: We send out a camera to you, you do as much filming as you want and then send it back to us so we can edit the footage into immersive 360 virtual reality experiences.

The ultimate way to view 360 videos – the Cheesy virtual reality Headset (optional)

While you can watch our 360 virtual reality videos on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, the best way to view them and get completely immersed is with our optional Cheesy virtual reality Headset.

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