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How 360 virtual reality video by Cheesy360 works

What is 360 virtual reality video?

If you haven’t heard much about 360 virtual reality videos you soon will, because it’s set to revolutionise the way we see and interact with video.

And ‘interact’ is the right word here, because 360 virtual reality videos allow viewers to move their heads around to control the camera during playback to look wherever they want to, whether that’s up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards.

360 virtual reality video lets viewers see and feel everything that’s going on around them.

How does Cheesy360 create 360 virtual reality videos of your event, wedding, or business?

Unlike traditional cameras, which only film in one direction, we provide you with a 360 virtual reality camera that is able to film in all directions at one.

We’ll send a 360 virtual reality camera to your wedding, event, or business so you can record whatever you want to.

Then we’ll professionally edit the footage and send the finished videos back to you so you, your friends, your guests, or your customers get a fully-immersive and interactive experience.

How does 360 virtual reality video work for business?

If your business provides any sort of venue for customers to use, e.g. a restaurant, club, or bar, 360 virtual reality video is a great way for people to check you out through a virtual tour.

360 virtual reality videos are especially great for estate agents to give people immersive virtual tours around properties.

The ultimate way to view 360 virtual reality videos – the Cheesy virtual reality Headset (optional)

While you can watch any 360 virtual reality video from Cheesy360 on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, the best way to view them and get completely immersed is with our optional Cheesy virtual reality Headset.

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