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CheesyMoves: the easy way to fun, creative, and intimate party videos

Yes, you could hire a normal videographer to film your party, wedding, or corporate event, and they’ll edit the footage into a slick but ultimately lifeless and impersonal video.

You do the filming, we do the editing

But we’re not normal. CheesyMoves is better.

That’s because we give you the cameras (three of them, in fact) and then we edit the footage into fun, creative, and intimate videos.

Act natural

With no stranger scaring your guests off with their camera, they can act naturally because they’ll be filming each other, letting all the special and most intimate parts shine through.

How CheesyMoves works – three easy steps to make a good night last forever

Step 1: We send you three high-quality cameras

Whatever sort of event you’re hosting – whether it be your wedding, a birthday party, or you’re a business putting on a big corporate event – we’ll send you three 1080p HD cameras (iPod Touch).

Step 2: You hand them to your guests

You then hand them out to your guests or employees and they’ll film the night from their perspective. It’s your choice whether to give them specific instructions or just let them go wild and film whatever they want.

Step 3: We edit the footage

When you send the cameras back to us we’ll edit the footage into fun, creative, and, most importantly, intimate and personal videos.

Any time you watch the videos, you’ll relive the amazing times you had (and if you’re a business, you’ll have great marketing videos).

Have a read of our FAQs to see the really nitty-gritty bits.

01753 251 241