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FAQ’s CheesyMoves

Frequently Asked Questions about CheesyMoves video hire

Our guests really like talking. Do your cameras record sound?

Come on, this is the 21st century. Of course our cameras record sound.

Speaking of the 21st century, can we download our footage from your website?

Of course. You’ll get access to all of your clips plus the final edited version.

Our guests really like talking (for hours and hours). How long can we record for?

Our cameras have 16GB of storage each, so with three of them you’ll have plenty of recording time for the wedding day.

Some of our guests like to stand really far away (I think they're camera shy). Do your cameras have zoom?

Yes, our cameras have 3x zoom, but for the best quality video possible, we recommend you avoid using it.

What if I don't want a professionally-edited, fun, and creative wedding video? Can we just hire the cameras without any editing?

You can just hire the cameras, but the professional editing package is what really makes CheesyMoves special and more than just a standard camera hire company.

Oops! What happens if anybody breaks or loses a camera?

You’ll have to pay for it. It’ll be included in the hire contract so it’s not something we’ll just spring on you out of nowhere.

I know a thing or two about technology and I want the best for our wedding. What are the camera specs?

You’ll get three 16GB iPod Touches, capable of recording in 1080p HD.

But some of our guests aren't so good with technology. Are the cameras easy to use?

The iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone part – anybody who’s used a smartphone before should find it easy to use.

They also have video stabilisation and face detection, so you should get decent video even from those who are useless with cameras.

We're still planning the wedding and I already can't wait to see the edited video. How long do we have to wait for the edited video?

Slow down. We’re quick, but not that quick. You’ll get your edited wedding video up to 14 days after we receive the raw footage. By the time you’ve returned from your honeymoon, you should be able to watch it (if your honeymoon lasts for two weeks, that is).

The cameras will be no good to us if we get them late. When do we get the cameras, and when do we have to send them back to you?

We’ll send you the three cameras three days before the wedding, and they need to be sent back to us within three days after the wedding.

We don�t all live down in that fancy London, you know. Where is the CheesyMoves service available?

Our service is available anywhere in the UK.

CheesyMoves looks really cool, but so does hiring a photo booth with CheesySmiles. I don�t know what one to choose. What do you recommend?

We recommend you use both (we would say that, wouldn’t we?).

But seriously, CheesySmiles and CheesyMoves are both distinct services which complement each other perfectly for the most memorable wedding day ever.

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