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Party Video Booth Hire

Parties – let the party continue long after the night is over

Everyone has a camera these days, so why would you need CheesyMoves to film your party?

Well, think about previous parties you’ve been to or hosted, and all the work it took to watch the various videos. You had to call John and get him to email over a 20 second video, then you checked out Jane’s Facebook page to watch a video filmed in portrait, and so on.

CheesyMoves gives you the same intimacy you get from guests filming the party themselves, but all the footage is then professionally edited into fun, quirky, and creative videos of the party.

We give a charm to your party!!

Birthday party? Turning sweet sixteen? Why not choose awesome themes? Renting a photo booth from us will give chance for every one at your party to have loads of fun. Whether its your birtday party or a house party have those awsome moments to remember is so necessary. Hiring our affordable photobooth service could be your best option. All you have to do is to fill up simple contact form.

01753 251 241