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About Magic Mirror

Engaging with our customers, that's what we're here for to ensure we make their dreams come true

Guests walk in front of a magical mirror when extraordinary colourful animation appear on the mirror, that invites them to touch and start their magical photo journey and create a memento from the occasion! Wouldn’t you like to wow your guests on your special day?

And yet there is more… there is a screaming competition, guests can take part, and the results will appear on the photo of their efforts… it’s AMAZING! (This can be turned off)

Working together with you, your marketing team or creative agency, we’ll create something really special by customising the animations to your requirements – including your branding or a special message to your team or that special note from you for your guests.

But that’s not all: the guests can sign the mirror and their signature will appear on the photo. Your guests will leave with a really special memento of the occasion.

Ta Dah! Look, the mirror…


Yes it looks like a mirror! But it takes full length photos, which are high quality and printed in seconds. It has animations which will make your guests laugh. They will certainly have fun, plus you can even write on the mirror and this is printed on the photo…

You can hire the Magic Mirror for any event*

*Subject to availability in the calendar. Please do call or email us should you have any further questions.

01753 251 241