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FAQ’s Magic Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions about the Magic Mirror hire

What size is the mirror?

At 1.5m high and 90cm wide - Takes full length photos, so groups can be easily photographed.

Is the mirror easy to use?

The mirror is VERY easy to use. Just follow the easy instructions on screen. Your pictures are taken and displayed within a second. Prints are available outside of the mirror seconds later.

How does the mirror work?

By touching the screen, guests will activate the screen; they will be guided through the fun animations that you have set up. At the end of each part of the animations, guests will get a preview of the photograph, so they can change pose and then, finally, they will get a preview of all pictures as they will appear in the photograph.

Can the mirror be set up outside?

Yes, if there is a shelter provided, such as a tent or cover. We can provide a canopy at an additional charge.

Can I see a picture of the mirror?

Yes! We have a picture on our homepage and Facebook page.

Do you provide props?

Yes. We have a variety of props you can select from.

Do we get unlimited photos?

Yes. The fun is unlimited.

Do we get a copy of the photos?

Yes, all of the photos are included on a USB stick with all the photos taken at high resolution. This will be given to the host after the event.

01753 251 241