6 Entertainment Ideas for your Corporate Party

6 Entertainment Ideas for your Corporate Party

We’re almost getting into party season – indeed, for many of you, it’ll already be here! If you’re to appropriately reward your workforce for another year of hard graft, you’ll need to make sure that your event comes equipped with suitable distractions. After all, you don’t want anyone to be bored!

Let’s examine five of the more popular candidates for entertainment at a Christmas work party, and see which might make the best match for your event.


If you book the right band, they’ll make the evening memorable with a series of well-judged covers (and possibly originals). They’ll not only provide music, but they’ll help to keep everyone involved with between-song banter. Naturally, you need to be sure that you’ve booked an appropriate band – and you can expect to pay upwards of two grand for a good one.


A DJ is a lot less complicated to implement than a band – you’ll just be hiring one person, and a great deal less equipment. They’ll be able to blast out a few classic crowd-pleasers, and they tend to be less risky than a covers band. If you’re looking to minimise costs, a DJ is undoubtedly the way forward.

String Quartet

If you’d like to make things a little more sophisticated, then you can bring in a string quartet to handle entertainment. A string quartet is a great deal easier to talk over, and they make an excellent match for more upmarket events. However, if you haven’t judged it right, they might risk appearing a little stuffy. Think carefully about what your guests will enjoy before booking.


While you might think of magic as a little bit cheesy, the trade has come on quite a bit in recent years. A trained magician will be able to befuddle your workforce with close-up magic. They can put on a proper stage-show, but a better idea is to have them wander from table to table. It’s a good idea to have your magician do their thing early in the evening – that way everyone will still be in possession of their critical faculties.


Similarly, a cartoonist will be able to wander from table to table, providing your guests with lasting mementoes that they’ll be able to frame and mount on their walls at home. We’d suggest looking for a cartoonist with a stellar reputation, and asking to see a portfolio. A bad cartoonist is not going to improve anyone’s evening.

Photo Booths

A photo booth is a popular sideshow for several reasons. Firstly, they’re affordable. Secondly, they’re unobtrusive, and will happily sit in the corner for the entire evening, allowing guests to come and go at their leisure. Our photo booths are supervised throughout the night, making them a low-hassle means of injecting some interest into the evening. If your party is in London or Buckinghamshire, be sure to get in touch – we’ll be able to cater to your needs.

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