How to become a great events planner

Parties are fun, but sometimes the planning isn’t, especially when it’s a really big, important event. That’s why some people pay an events planner to plan their event for them. It takes all the stress away from them, and in exchange gives you paid work.

Though events planning sounds like a lot of fun, it can actually be a lot of hard work, especially when you are up against the clock and working with somebody else’s budget.

Here are our top tips to being a great events planner.


What does an events planner do?

Events planning will vary from job to job but you will mostly be doing things like finding the right venue for the event, hiring any equipment that’s needed, finding the right food and drink, and most importantly, sticking to the budget given to you by your client.


Getting qualified

It is possible to become an events planner by slowly building up your experience, but it is recommended that you get a degree in events planning or a similar area such as hospitality or communications – that way you’ll really be able to show people you know what you are doing.



Most events planners choose to specialise in a certain area, such as weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events. Specialising is a good idea because it makes it a lot easier to market your events planning services.


Make a website

A business won’t get anywhere these days if it doesn’t at least have a website. You can use it to show people what you do, show people how to contact you, and show off your previous work with a portfolio. While it’s now easy to build your own website, it is recommended that you hire a design agency such as Infinite Brush to build you a website that will really impress people.


Who makes a good events planner?

The best events planners all have these qualities in common:

  • They love to interact with other people
  • They are physically strong and so able to be on their feet all day
  • Business-minded and so good at marketing their services
  • Able to keep their cool when the going gets tough
  • Impeccable management skills.


>How much to charge as a freelance events planner

There are plenty of events planning jobs out there if you know where to look for them and you have the right skills.

However, many people decide to start their own events planning business and work as a freelancer. That means knowing how much to charge people for your services.

It can be difficult because you not only have to work out how much an event will cost, you have to make sure your wages will also be covered. Obviously, if you miscalculate and an event costs more than you’d planned, you will eat into your own wages.

Use any previous experience you might have with working for other events planning companies and find out how much other events planners charge to get a picture of how much is acceptable.


Making your events fun – hire a photo booth

So you’ve found the perfect event. You’ve sourced the right food and drink. But what about making the event actually fun?

Hiring a photo booth is one of the easiest ways we can think of to make any event extra special. Our photo booths bring people together to have lots of crazy fun.

And better yet, because our photo booths actually let users print their photos, they get to go home with the perfect mementos – as you can see from our gallery, showing people having fun because of your services is a great way to promote your events planning business.