Digital Selfie Pod

Hire for 24 hours or more!

Have you ever wanted the experience of a full-size photo booth, but without having to deal with the cost and hassle of bringing a supervised booth to your venue? Now, there’s an alternative that’s compact enough to arrive through the post, and simple enough to be built and operated by our customers.

We’ve been working with traditional photo-booths for years now. And now we’re offering an entirely new kind of public photo experience in the form of the Digital Selfie Pod. Every pod is a freestanding, self-assembled booth that doesn’t require any expert supervision, and that can be shipped to just about anywhere in the country. For those looking for an affordable, flexible alternative to the booth we’re all familiar with, it’s difficult to beat.

How does it work?

The process of hiring a pod couldn’t be simpler. It goes like this:

1. You’ll place your order

2. We’ll come and set the pod for you

3. You’ll use it to take as many pictures as you like

4. We’ll come and pick it up

Why Choose a Digital Selfie Pod?


You’ll have use of the booth for twenty-four hours – or even more if you decide to hire it for longer. That means that there’s no need to worry about your booth having to pack up for the evening, and you’ll be able to use it as much as you like within your time frame.

A Wealth of Features

With a Digital Selfie Pod, you’ll get all the same bells and whistles as you’d expect from a full-sized booth. At the heart of the unit is a top-of-the-range iPad, equipped with sophisticated modern software. With its help, you’ll be able to share, store and even animate all the pictures you take, using an intuitive interface.

Easy to Assemble

Self-assembly needn’t mean added stress! The Digital Selfie Pod comes in a flat-pack package of just three pieces. The simplicity of the design means that just about anyone can put it together in a matter of minutes, and without breaking a sweat.

Small Footprint

The Pod is just eighty-five millimetres thick, and so you’ll be able to tuck it out of the way, even in smaller venues. This will provide you with plenty of options when it comes to setting up: whether you’re looking for photos on the middle of the dancefloor, or somewhere a little further out of the way. You can even move the booth midway through the evening for even greater flexibility!

What’s included…

24 Hours

Delivery, set up & collection

Customsied layout for your event

Overlays & Effects

Online Gallery

Unlimited Sessions

Digital Props

What we need

An area of 0.5(L) x 0.5(W) x 2m(H)

1 Hour access to location/space to setup

Access to a 240V mains socket

If outdoors, a cover from rain

£50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date

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Features to bring your event to life!


Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with an overlay border of your choosing. Guests can then share their photo or send it via email or text.

Create a buzz with the GIF Animation option… Guests can take a series of photos and will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared on social media.

One of our most popular features, Burst captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live action “photo”. Select reverse to create awesome boomerang GIFs ready for sharing.

With our advanced live face-tracking software, you are able to see your chosen digital props placed in real time. Our digital props add that extra fun factor to your event.

Our green screen feature provides a live preview of your guests super-imposed on a background of your choosing. Green screen works for still pictures, GIF and Burst.

* Only available with our premium package

Take green screen to a whole new level by animating the backgrounds to create fun GIFs or boomerangs

* Only available with our premium package


Post your photos to a Facebook album or Facebook page of your choice.

Customise your events look and feel and send stunning emails to each guest within seconds.

Guests can share their photo via text message by simply entering their phone number.

Custom micro-sites with your specific branding, giving you the flexibility to create a different experience every time. Let your guests see and download everything from the event

* Only available with our premium package


Track how many people have taken photos and use the data to run competitions. Emails, phone numbers and twitter handles can be downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet. We provide a secure link with full access to all the event analytics.

* Only available with our premium package

Custom data capture forms allowing you to customise what information you capture from your guests. This includes; number fields, text fields, drop downs, multiple select and more.

* Only available with our premium package

Awesome Extras

Powerful branding options from customisable emails, micro-sites, text messages and social messages so your guests have a memorable brand experience.

Allow guests to choose filters to apply to their photos or automatically apply a filter/layer filters to create a unique look and feel.

Guests can access previous photos and then share again.

No need to worry about internet, if you are offline or have a spotty internet connection our system will safely store and queue the images (and any other info) and send it up to the server once you have Internet. Everything delivered without a fuss!


Since the photos are being stored digitally on a cloud server, there’s no limit to how many photos you can take.

For example, you order the booth for your event on Saturday – it will arrive to you Friday, use it all day Saturday, send it back on the Monday – collection is arranged for you. You get a full 24 hours use or if you needed it for longer, you just add additional days to your hire.

The booth is just over 1.7m tall, 32.5cm wide, and 85mm deep. It comes on a shallow support stand, which is 535x400mm. It can be broken down into three parts, it’s easy to transport it from room to room, or in the back of your car.

The booth is so easy to set up it would take you around 5 minutes to set up from out of the box to taking your first photo.

The booth is powered by an Apple iPad Pro 11. As such, it comes with a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting at 4k, a ƒ/1.8 aperture and a 5x digital zoom. As such, you can expect pristine quality from every image.

We ship to everywhere in the UK, including remote islands.

There is no cost for shipping or return, we’ve got it all covered for you.

From only £449

Don’t miss out, book today!