How to trick people into thinking your photos were taken by a professional

It takes more than an Instagram filter to make your photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer, but there are steps you can take to improve your photography skills.

These tips aren’t going to make you a world-class photographer overnight, you will need to practise at it and use all of your creativity.

Get the exposure right

If you want to get the exposure, or brightness, of your photo right so it looks really professional you are going to have to change the settings of the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO manually as your camera’s automatic setting will try to get somewhere in the middle of all the different brightness levels in the frame. You want to make sure you control which parts of the photo are bright and dark.

Take photos of something worth looking at

You might be the sort of person who loves to take selfies but selfies aren’t going to get many people’s interest. Professional photos look good because they show something interesting so give people a reason to look at the photo.

Most professional photos are edited in some way

Photoshopped photos often get a bad press because magazines often make their models look unrealistic, but most photos need at least a little editing to make them look professional, whether it be changing the colours, the brightness, or any number of other possible changes.

Get in close to your subject

Photos which have too many things in it can distract the viewer from what is important, the subject. An easy way to remedy this is by getting in close your subject so it fills the frame.

Think about all the rubbish around your subject

This is related to the previous point; having too many things going on will confuse the photo. Professional photos focus on the subject, so you need to make sure there isn’t anything messy around the photo.

Get the lighting right

Whenever you take photos, you should also be thinking about the lighting. Good lighting is arguably the thing which will turn a potentially boring photo into a professional-looking masterpiece. Look at how the light bounces off certain objects and creates shadows and think how you could use it to your advantage.

Get creative

Creativity is the one thing that will really make your photos stand out from the rest. Always think about lighting, interesting compositions and subjects. Make sure you tell a story within the frame.

Make taking great photos at parties easy

If you are planning a party and want to actually enjoy it rather than spending all night pointing your camera at people, think about hiring one of our photo booths. Our photo booths are a place where all the guests come together to have loads of fun while taking really creative photos.