Our Favourite Wedding Favours

If you’re putting on a wedding, then you can expect a sizeable portion of your guests to come bearing gifts. But there’s another edge to this particular sword – you’ll also have to provide your guests with a miniature present at the wedding breakfast. If you want your wedding favours to stand out, you’ll need to get creative.


One of the most common sights you’re likely to see at the end of the average wedding reception is a procession of women dancing with their shoes off. The fact is that formal footwear is uncomfortable, especially if you’re on your feet. Get around this problem by handing out an alternative. Flip flops have a major advantage in that they’ll be in service for years after the celebrations are over.

Personalised Stationary

Pencils can be engraved with the date of your wedding, and the names of the happy couple. They’ll provide your guests with a happy memory every time they go to take a note. Of course, you might equally go for pen, a ruler, or a protractor, should the fancy take you.

Personalised Coasters

A coaster is, at the most basic level, just a rounded square of corkboard. It’s something that can be easily stowed in a suit pocket or a handbag, and thus it’s far preferable to a personalised mug. Get a hundred or so of them made, and you’ll know that they’re a fixture on the coffee tables of your friends and family.

Personalised Bottle Openers

Can you ever have too many bottle openers to hand? The answer is probably: not really. Hand out some personalised (again) specimens, ideally that can fit on the end of a keychain. That way, your guests will always have a bottle-opener handy whenever they’re at a party. You can even get extra creative and hand out bottle-openers that are actually shaped like keys.
Of course, you might do the same with lighters – but not everyone smokes, and you might not want so many lighters floating around at an event with so many children attending.


A few seeds are a surprising and cheap wedding favour – just split a packet into a few hundred containers, each of which might be used to create a new plant. Of course, this is something that will require a little bit of time and energy on the part of your guests. Make sure you put some effort into the packaging to make up for it!


Blowing bubbles isn’t just for West Ham fans. It can add an extra dimension to those wedding photos, and give kids something to do between courses. Of course, it’s something that’s completely against the social distancing guidelines, as every bubble you blow will contain a little bit of the contents of your own mouth – but if the wedding is arranged for 2021 onwards, this might not be such a major concern.

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