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Smile, you’re on camera! How to take the best candid photos

If you are taking photos of a party you want to show people actually partying and not awkwardly posing for a photo. Taking candid photos is a great way to capture the little moments that make any party special.

Here are our top tips for taking the best candid photos

Use a long lens or zoom

Standing back from the action while getting your lens right into it is the best way to take candid photos because there is less chance of people spotting you and feeling awkward and acting unnaturally.

Use a telephoto lens or a long zoom to capture the action from afar.

Stay in the shadows – don’t use flash!

Camera flashes are often so bright they are blinding, so they’re a dead giveaway that there’s a photographer nearby. Take photos with your flash turned off whenever possible.

Always have your camera out

One of the challenges of taking candid photos is that people often do not act naturally when they know they are on camera. A remedy to this is having your camera out all the time. People will then feel relaxed around your camera because it will seem like it is a part of you.

Capture people’s interactions with each other

A portrait of a single person can be a beautiful thing if done well. However, bring more people into the photo and a magical thing happens – you start to tell a story. Even if it’s a photo of people who hardly know each other the photo will express a relationship which can be much more interesting to look at.

Capture the action

Photos of people doing nothing are boring especially if you are taking photos at a party, which are supposed to be fun. Take photos of people actually doing things. It gives the photos a sense of movement, and just like the previous tip makes the photo tell a story.

Take LOTS of photos

Digital cameras make it easy to take lots and lots of photos without even thinking about it, and storage is cheaper than ever before. Now even smartphone cameras have a burst mode, so it is easy to just hold down the shutter and take lots of photos; you’ll have a much better chance of getting the perfect shot.

Hire a photo booth to make great photography at parties easy

When you hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles you make capturing any party or wedding easy because our photo booths create a space where people want to have fun.

Our photo booths come with loads of crazy props so people automatically know that when they step inside they are going to have a great time.

The photo booths then print out the photos so all the guests can go home with a really fun memento.

How to make your employees happy

CheesySmiles is all about allowing people to enjoy themselves with our photo booths at events such as birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events.

It’s only possible for us to provide fun for everybody else by having happy employees.

However, happy employees aren’t important only in the photo booth hire business. Every single business in the world functions better and more productively when its employees are happy.

With all the corporate events our photo booths have attended, we know a thing or two about happy employees. Here are our top tips.

Let your employees try new things

Employees are happier when they know that their hard work is actually contributing to the success of the business. Let them get involved with other areas of the business from time to time so they get a bigger picture of the business.

Give your employees new responsibilities

When you do the same thing over and over it starts to get boring. The same is true for your employees. If you don’t occasionally give them new responsibilities they won’t grow as an employee and they will get bored – they’ll be more likely to leave, too, meaning you’ll need to spend time and money looking for a replacement.

Let your employees know what’s going on

If you really want employees to be happy, they’ll need to feel as if they are part of the team. For that to happen they need to know what is going on across the business, not just the little area in which the individual employee works. Let them know about the good and bad, from exciting new products that are on their way, to things the company is going to struggle with.

Don’t try to act like your employees’ best friend

Acting like your employees’ buddy isn’t the way to make them happy, no matter how much you think it will. It will likely do the opposite, making them feel bad things about you. You should try to develop an atmosphere of honesty between you and your employees but you are unlikely to be good friends with them – you do have the power to fire them, after all. Don’t try to force any friendships: you will only make them feel uncomfortable.

Pay your employees fairly

You don’t have to pay your employees the highest possible salary compared to other businesses to make them happy, you’ll be thankful to know, but you do need to pay them fairly. Then, once they have started working for you, they will be more motivated by things such as their work environment and knowing that their work is actually achieving something.

Treat your employees from time to time – preferably with a CheesySmiles photo booth

It’s important that you let your employees let their hair down every so often. It keeps them happy, refreshed, and can be good for team building.

Things like going out to a park for a game of football or a drink in a bar are common things but we think they’ve become a little boring.

That’s why we suggest you hire a photo booth. Our photo booths are a great and easy way to bring lots of fun to any employee’s day.

The crazy props, which are included in all our photo booth packages, are a great way to get people to open up around each other.

The best thing about our photo booths is that they print actual photos, which your employees can use to decorate the office, reminding them of how much fun they have working for your business.

How to turn a good team into a great team

With all the corporate events CheesySmiles’ photo booths go to we know how important it is to have a great business team in order to be effective at what you do.

Here are our top tips on turning a good team into a great team.

Don’t be a hypocrite

I bet you thought being promoted to manager would mean you’d get to sit back and relax a little. Ha ha! How wrong you were.

You need to work harder than ever before, and you need people to see it. Not only do you need to boss people around (i.e. manage them) by delegating work and ensuring they are on target, you also need to be working hard yourself.

People will not work hard if the people telling them to work hard aren’t themselves working hard!

Hire people who will fit in with the company’s culture

When you’re hiring for an open position and you have a mountain of CVs in front of you, you will probably be distinguishing between candidates by looking at their skills, background, and experience.

This is fine for the initial stages, but once you narrow down the candidates and start holding interviews you need to think carefully about the candidates’ personalities. It’s no good hiring a candidate who has lots of experience only for them to not gel well with the rest of the team.

You can even get your team involved in the hiring. Ask their opinions of different candidates, or even have one or two of them with you in the interview room.

Develop an atmosphere of honesty and openness

For any team to function smoothly and efficiently, there needs to be trust between all its members. This trust needs to begin at the top, with you as the leader creating an atmosphere of honesty and openness.

Team members need to know that they can get on with their jobs and share ideas without feeling that they will be judged.

As a leader you also need to be able to trust your team so you know that they will work at their best even when you are not with them.

Team building

For a team to really function its members need to know and be comfortable with each other, both professionally and on a more personal, informal level.

One of the best ways for this to happen is by letting them have fun with each other every so often.

You could try more usual team building ideas such as going to a park and having a game of football, but we have a better idea.

Team-building the fun way – hire a photo booth

CheesySmiles’ photo booths are a great way to get your team together to have fun. The props included with all our packages instil an air of fun; even the quietist of employees will be jumping into the action.

And because our photo booths actually print out physical photos you can decorate the office with photos of the team having fun together.

Reasons to have a party for no reason (with reasons included)

Parties are great, so why wait for somebody’s birthday to have one? Here are some reasons to have a party for no reason other than because you want to have a party.

You got a new job/promotion

A new job or promotion can be a life-changing thing, and what better way to celebrate it than inviting all your friends over and having a big party – you can afford it now, what with your new job.

You lost your job

So you were partying so hard you forgot to go to work and you lost your job. You hated the job, anyway. See it as an opportunity to pursue a career in doing something you really love – then have a party to celebrate this revelation and new found knowledge of true happiness.

Party responsibly, people.

It’s your anniversary

The best thing about an anniversary? Is it being able to appreciate the incredible love between you and your partner? No, of course not. It’s about the party you have to celebrate! Even better, because it’s an anniversary, you get to have the party every single year.

You are getting divorced

If you read the previous paragraph about having an anniversary party and you are upset because you are getting divorced, there’s no need to feel left out.

Why not have a party to celebrate your divorce? You will either feel terrible about getting divorced, in which case you’ll have lots of friends around you to offer their emotional support, or you will feel great about it and want to throw the party to show everybody just how great you feel.

You moved into a new house

When you move into a nice new house, you want to show it off to everybody. And what better way is there than having a party? There isn’t a better way.

There’s only six months until your birthday

Upset that all your friends are having birthday parties but you still have to wait six months for your own birthday? So have a party to celebrate the fact that there’s only six months left until your birthday.

It’s actually your birthday

This one couldn’t be any more obvious. It’s your birthday so have a party to celebrate. Unless you’re sick of parties after having your only-six-months-until-your-birthday party, that is.

You need a reason to hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles

There’s a small chance we might be biased here, but a CheesySmiles photo booth is so much fun you can use one as a focus of the whole party.

When you hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles, there will be a 100% increase in the love your friends have for you because they will all have such an amazingly fun time (not scientifically proven).

All of our packages come with props included, and the photo booth can print out all of your photos on the spot.

How to plan your wedding

Just got engaged but the idea of sorting out everything for the wedding is a little overwhelming? It’s kind of stressful, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, CheesySmiles is here to show you why a great wedding is all in the planning.

Make a schedule to be organised

You’re reading the CheesySmiles blog so you must be pretty smart. That means you’ve probably already thought about this one, but it bears repeating: write a schedule of everything you need to do to organise your wedding.

You can use it as a checklist to keep track of all the things you’ve accomplished. It’s a good idea to write your schedule in Evernote, Google Keep, or a similar note-keeping software so it syncs to all of your devices, including your smartphone and computer.

Plan a little each week

It’s no good devising a schedule if you don’t actually sit down to plan. To keep things moving at a steady pace it’s a good idea to have a specific day or evening each week where you and your partner sit down together to plan.

During these planning periods you could do anything from flicking through wedding magazines to checking out different wedding venues.

Plan together

Make sure both you and your partner are taking part in the wedding planning. You can look through the list/schedule you have written and each of you decide which bits you want to be in charge of planning.

The wedding day is about both of you, so you will need to make some compromises. The more you are willing to compromise, the fewer the arguments, and the less stressful the wedding planning will be.


The wedding day might be about you and your partner, but you still need to think about keeping your guests entertained. There’s nothing wrong with having a good DJ, but it’s possible to have more than just dancing at your wedding.

When you hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles, you create a space where friends and family from both yours and your partner’s sides come together to have crazy amounts of fun, with all sorts of props (included).

And what’s even better, because the photo booth prints physical photos, every guest who uses the photo booth gets to go home with a memento.

Recording the wedding

You don’t want to go to all the trouble of planning a wedding only for nobody to be able to remember it.

That’s why you need a way to record it. The usual method is to hire a photographer, but come on, this is the 21st century. Why only have photos when you can have video too?

With our CheesyMoves service, we send you three high-quality video camera which you can hand out to your guests. They can film whatever they want (or whatever you tell them to film), and the best part, the part that makes CheesyMoves really special, is that when you send the cameras back to us, we’ll edit the footage into a professional, creative, and fun video of your wedding.

How to become a great events planner

Parties are fun, but sometimes the planning isn’t, especially when it’s a really big, important event. That’s why some people pay an events planner to plan their event for them. It takes all the stress away from them, and in exchange gives you paid work.

Though events planning sounds like a lot of fun, it can actually be a lot of hard work, especially when you are up against the clock and working with somebody else’s budget.

Here are our top tips to being a great events planner.

What does an events planner do?

Events planning will vary from job to job but you will mostly be doing things like finding the right venue for the event, hiring any equipment that’s needed, finding the right food and drink, and most importantly, sticking to the budget given to you by your client.

Getting qualified

It is possible to become an events planner by slowly building up your experience, but it is recommended that you get a degree in events planning or a similar area such as hospitality or communications – that way you’ll really be able to show people you know what you are doing.


Most events planners choose to specialise in a certain area, such as weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events. Specialising is a good idea because it makes it a lot easier to market your events planning services.

Make a website

A business won’t get anywhere these days if it doesn’t at least have a website. You can use it to show people what you do, show people how to contact you, and show off your previous work with a portfolio. While it’s now easy to build your own website, it is recommended that you hire a design agency such as Infinite Brush to build you a website that will really impress people.

Who makes a good events planner?

The best events planners all have these qualities in common:

  • They love to interact with other people
  • They are physically strong and so able to be on their feet all day
  • Business-minded and so good at marketing their services
  • Able to keep their cool when the going gets tough
  • Impeccable management skills.

How much to charge as a freelance events planner

There are plenty of events planning jobs out there if you know where to look for them and you have the right skills.

However, many people decide to start their own events planning business and work as a freelancer. That means knowing how much to charge people for your services.

It can be difficult because you not only have to work out how much an event will cost, you have to make sure your wages will also be covered. Obviously, if you miscalculate and an event costs more than you’d planned, you will eat into your own wages.

Use any previous experience you might have with working for other events planning companies and find out how much other events planners charge to get a picture of how much is acceptable.

Making your events fun – hire a photo booth

So you’ve found the perfect event. You’ve sourced the right food and drink. But what about making the event actually fun?

Hiring a photo booth is one of the easiest ways we can think of to make any event extra special. Our photo booths bring people together to have lots of crazy fun.

And better yet, because our photo booths actually let users print their photos, they get to go home with the perfect mementos – as you can see from our gallery, showing people having fun because of your services is a great way to promote your events planning business.

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