7 Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

7 Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

If your wedding isn’t the happiest day of your life, it should at least rank pretty highly. And ideally, that should go not only for the happy couple themselves, but for all of the guests they’ve invited along to celebrate the union. The last thing any of us want is a boring wedding, and so it’s important to bring along the right entertainment. But what should that entertainment look like, exactly?

Photo Booth

Of course, we at Cheesy Smiles are going to recommend a photo booth. And why not? It’s a wonderful way for your guests to create happy memories of the occasion, and it’ll give people one less reason to take out their phones.

A Band

A decent wedding band will set you back a few grand – but the difference they make might well be worth it. Pick a band that fits your personal style, and get any requests written down and handed to them well ahead of time. If your budget can’t stretch to a band, bring a DJ in instead.


Another spin on the band idea is to have the music take everyone by surprise. Your guests are sure to be astonished when the catering staff suddenly burst into impromptu song and dance!

Cocktail Bar

Most of your guests are going to want a drink. And since it’s a glamorous occasion, you’ll need to provide glamorous drinks. That means cocktails. A great bartender will inject a little theatre into proceedings, as well as whipping up fantastic drinks for everyone. Bear in mind that cocktails aren’t cheap, and that you’ll need to be sensitive to everyone’s budget, so provide a range of options.

Goodie Bag

If you’re inviting children to your wedding, then you’ll need to ensure that they’re properly entertained (and rewarded for having to sit through a long ceremony that they don’t understand). A goodie bag, containing books, toys and a slice of wedding cake, can do precisely this.

A Desert Buffet

Often, a wedding desert consists of a wedding cake, and perhaps a round of fruit salad. A well-crafted desert buffet will provide your guests with that little bit more choice, and it’ll look fantastic too. Profiteroles, Eton mess and waffle sticks are all stellar candidates.


What more spectacular salute to married life could there be than a firework display? You don’t need your display to go on forever; just a ten-minute spell toward the end of dinner is enough to provide a touch of magic. Naturally, you’ll want to account for the weather (and the night-time) so book your fireworks when you know that you’re going to get a dark, dry backdrop.