7 Reasons to Hire a Photobooth for your Party

7 Reasons to Hire a Photobooth for your Party

As you might imagine, we tell everyone who’ll listen that a photobooth makes a fantastic addition to just about any wedding, corporate event or party. But exactly why is this the case? We’ve identified ten reasons, which you can refer to whenever you need a reminder!

Photo booths are fun

First and foremost, photo booths are fantastic fun. Your guests will delight in dressing up in silly costumes, wielding props and posing for the camera. The results range from the touching to the hilarious!

Photo booths are low-maintenance

Unlike other forms of wedding entertainment, photo booths don’t require organisation or complicated moving parts. Ours are in place for three hours, allowing your guests to use them at their leisure. Moreover, they’re supervised by a qualified and friendly booth attendant who’ll be able to address technical problems and provide instructions.

Photo booths provide gifts

Stuck for wedding favours to present to your guests? The photos provided by your booth are high-quality prints that your guests will happily hang on their walls at home. As such, you won’t need to worry about picking something out to suit everyone.

Photo booths provide nostalgia

It’s not just your guests that will be able to look fondly on the memories they’ve captured, years down the line. You’ll also have a record of what fun your guests were having whilst you were busy elsewhere.

Photo booths allow everyone to relax

If you’re bringing together dozens of complete strangers, encouraging them to unwind can be tricky. Alcohol will only do so much! A photo booth provides a little bit of isolation from the outside world, where even the shyest guest will come out of their shell a little bit.

Photo booths beat smartphone cameras

The results provided by a photobooth will beat your smartphone camera every time. Not only is the camera itself a state-of-the-art DSLR, but the lighting within the booth is ideal. As such, these are photos you’ll actually want to look at after everything’s finished!

Photo booths are affordable

Finally, we should say that photo booths are an inexpensive addition to your wedding. As such, they can be easily paired with other sorts of entertainment. Choose Cheesy Smiles and you’ll get three hours of supervised photobooth fun, along with a guest book, key rings, and unlimited prints. What better addition could there be to your dream wedding?

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