Booking for a Post-lockdown Wedding

Last week, we took a look at how weddings are downsizing in order to comply with the social distancing requirements. It’s likely that smaller weddings will be with us for some time, even after the lockdown limit is lifted to ten people from next month.
If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll obviously need to remain mindful of the pandemic when you’re making arrangements. So let’s look at a few adjustments you might make to your wedding.


Obviously, anyone who’s had a wedding booked over summer will have had a series of unpalatable alternatives to choose from. They might had chosen to downsize the wedding, or hold it over Skype or Zoom. The most popular option, of course, is to put everything on hold. Waiting a few months longer will increase the likelihood that normality, or something close to it, will have resumed.

Go Outdoors

While you might think that waiting for winter would be a winning strategy, the other point to bear in mind is that outdoor gatherings are markedly less dangerous than indoor ones. Any venue offering large garden facilities is therefore likely to make for a great place to tie the knot.

Sanitiser Stations

As we all know, hand-washing is an effective way to battle a deadly virus. But it isn’t always a convenient thing to do. You don’t want everyone congregating around the toilet, so make sure there are cleaning facilities spread around. If you’re looking for wedding favours, a bottle of hand sanitiser for every guest (or table) can work wonders. As a side note, it’s also probably worth asking your PA provider whether they can throw in a few different microphones, to reduce the risk of the speech-makers having to share the one.

Rethink Catering

Buffets were once thought an inexpensive and fun way of providing scores of guests with exactly the meal that they want. But nowadays, getting touchy-feely with the things we’re putting in our mouths is an absolute no-no, and so too is having food lying within projectile distance of people’s mouths. As such, it’s worth spending a little extra on a fixed menu, instead.


Getting everyone to dance in close proximity to one another might not be a fantastic idea – so book somewhere that’s suitably capacious, and leave enough room for the dancefloor. Obviously, we’re biased, but we also think photo booths are a great option for weddings in the Buckinghamshire area – we provide open photo booths, so your guests won’t be forced into a closed space.

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