Coronavirus and your Wedding

Even if you aren’t worried about the impact that Covid-19 will have on your health, you might well be concerned about its effect on your impending nuptial celebrations. But what steps can you take to minimise the stress, and keep the process on track? Let’s run through a few suggestions.

Don’t Panic

It might be tempting to imagine the worst – but the consequences of cancelling or postponing might actually be worse than the worst-case scenario for COVID-19. Whatever your decision, it should be informed by rational deliberation rather than headlines and gossip.

Buy a dress off-the-rack

Most of the world’s wedding dresses are manufactured in China, and those that aren’t are largely reliant on fabrics made in China. As such, supply is going to be under a little bit of pressure. If you can stomach the thought of buying something that’s right there in front of you, then doing so might help protect your celebrations against global events.

Go Domestic

Asking all of your guests to fly to a foreign country, especially one that’s been impacted by the outbreak, is asking for a vastly depleted guestlist. In the long-term, it may be cheaper to bite the bullet and book elsewhere, even if you’ve already put money down.
Naturally, if you have family in a foreign country, you might find that their ability to travel is restricted. In these cases, you’ll need to strike a balance and arrive at the least worst outcome.

Travel Safely

If you do decide to take a trip, whether it’s for the wedding itself, a stag or hen trip, or the honeymoon, then you’ll find you’re at greatest risk when you’re in the airport and on the flight. Take alcohol-based hand-sanitizer, and avoid close physical contact wherever possible.

Check your Insurer

If you’ve insured your wedding, then you might be sitting pretty – but only if the consequences of an outbreak are covered. This is difficult to analyse, as some of the consequences of the disease are more indirect. For example, if the airline you’ve booked decides to cancel because of reduced demand, you likely won’t be covered. If you elect to cancel the wedding, you probably won’t be covered; if the venue is shut down, then you probably will be. Ask your insurer about the specifics and see what is and isn’t covered.

Ditch the Buffet

Having everyone handling their food is a recipe for cross-contamination at the best of times, and given the virulence of the virus it’s asking for trouble to have everyone eat from the same platter. A fixed menu might cost a little more, but if you’re looking to minimise the chance of passing a contagious disease to an elderly relative, it’s an easy decision.

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