Extravagant Weddings of the 2010s

As the decade draws to a close, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the events that defined it. For better or worse, we’re all fascinated with how rich and famous people spend their time, and this is especially the case when they decide to get married. Celebrity weddings provide a source of inspiration for would-be couples, as well as a source of entertainment and gossip. The 2010s saw enormous amounts of cash sloshing around the very top of society, and so it’s no wonder that it also saw some of the most crazy-extravagant weddings ever conducted.

Royal Weddings

There have been two major royal weddings in the UK this decade: in 2011, Wills and Kate tied the knot, and then Harry and Megan in 2018. These ceremonies are, technically speaking, enormously expensive, costing tens of millions of pounds each. With that said, there’s a slight catch here, in that most of this expense goes on security and other technical arrangements that have very little to do with the wedding itself. But that doesn’t mean that they were slumming it: the food, drinks, flowers and entertainment alone would have set them back a few million quid.

Kim and Kanye

If you ask most people to name a famous couple who got married in the last ten years, the chances are that they’ll think of this one. While it’s difficult to say with certainty exactly how much they splashed out, they did rent the famous Forte di Belvedere in Florence, and bring in Andrea Bocelli and Lana Del Ray to sing for them. Which can’t have been cheap. Interestingly, Kim’s previous marriage to Chris Humphries was probably the more expensive of the two ceremonies.

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming

Most of the people reading this might wander just who these two are, but in China they’re a very big deal indeed, with the latter being a Hong-Kong-based singer, model and actress, and the latter being an insanely wealthy film star. They tied the knot in 2015 in a ceremony whose total cost weighed in at more than thirty million dollars, with $1.5 million of the total falling on the wedding ring.

Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt

Another of the biggest wedding ceremonies of the decade came in 2011, when, for around $20 million, Petra Ecclestone wed her boyfriend James Stunt. Unfortunately, things weren’t to last, and the couple split in Eccleston has recently labelled her former spouse as a ‘monster’ a ‘gangster’ and a ‘public schoolboy prat’, which just goes to show that an enormously expensive wedding isn’t always the rock upon which a lasting relationship is built. Readers with a spare £100 million sloshing around their current account might take a look at Petra’s mansion, which is up for sale right now.

It should probably go without saying that you don’t need to spend quite this much to have a perfectly memorable and magical wedding. Obviously, if you’re looking for photo booth hire in Buckinghamshire, you’ll want to give us a call – even if you’re on a more modest budget.