Five Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Event

Five Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Event

Corporate events need to be fun. Whether you’re throwing a party just for your staff, or bringing together guests from up and down your supply chain, you’ll need to ensure that everyone’s kept entertained. There’s nothing worse, after all, than the prospect of being summoned to a boring building in the middle of nowhere to do not much at all. Throw too many dud events and you’ll start to notice dwindling numbers – which defeats the purpose of organising the party in the first place.

This week, let’s run through five of our favourite distractions for your corporate event, starting with our favourite:

Photo Booth

We think that photo booths make a great addition to your party. And this should come as no surprise, given that we’re among the best photo booth hire service Buckinghamshire has to offer! Photos, props and costumes can all help spread your message in a way that’s fun and memorable. The interior of your booth can be branded with your company’s logos, along with any photos produced.


If you’d like to supplement your real-world images with something a bit more artistic, then why not bring in a caricaturist? They’ll be able to poke fun at your guests without insulting them (too much), and they’ll get to work on one person without intruding on the rest of your party.


Selecting the right food is a must. Your challenge will be to cater for everyone’s tastes while keeping things interesting. As such, we’d suggest going for several different small stands. Donut stalls and posh ice-cream are usually reliable winners. Remember also that a portion of your guests will be vegetarians and vegans, so be sure to cater to them, too.


We realise that some magicians can be a bit cringe-inducing. But you don’t need to go for a traditional stage-magician; a close-up card trickster can do the rounds of your event, befuddling everyone at a given table before moving on to the next.


A quiz will normally take over an entire evening – but if it’s good enough, then your guests probably won’t mind. To make it work, you’ll need one or two enthusiastic volunteers; these people should be able to come up with a few dozen questions of varying difficulties, and be able to handle microphone duties for the duration of the evening. A quiz is also a great way to raise money for a local charity, and thus they’re perfect for SMEs looking to raise funds for a worthy cause.