Five Occasions for a Photo Booth

Five Occasions for a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fantastic way for partygoers to create great memories of the fun they’ve had. They’re fit for just about every occasion where people are going to be well-dressed and smiling, and the results are far superior to those you might get from your smartphone camera. So exactly which shindigs make the best match for a photo booth? Let’s consider some of the usual suspects!


Perhaps the most obvious setting for a photobooth is a wedding. With all of your friends looking magnificent, they’ll waste no time in crowding into a booth and brandishing a series of fun props at the lens.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas parties can often turn seriously messy – and a photo booth allows you to easily capture the evidence. They’re sure to be at their most popular after everyone’s had a chance to lose their inhibitions – but you might want to look away the next day!

Corporate Getaways

In between all of the meetings, lectures and team-building exercises, it’s important to find time for downtime and bonding. After all, a workforce where everyone actually gets along with everyone else is sure to be a more productive one. What better way could there be to bring colleagues together than by providing them with an enclosed space in which to pose for a camera?

New Year’s Eve

There are few better places to wait for the countdown to midnight to begin than the inside of a photo booth. With everyone dressed up in their finest threads, they’re sure to value the high-quality snaps that a photo booth will produce.

Prom Night

Like Black Friday, the Whopper and bluegrass music, high-school proms might be an American invention, but that hasn’t stopped them enjoying widespread popularity in the UK. Ideally, we only get to graduate from high school once – and thus there’s only once chance to capture all of those smiling faces!

Local festivals

If you’re assembling a few hundred people at your village playing field to enjoy the local produce, then bringing along a photo-booth for the ride makes perfect sense. Everyone will be able to sample the finest ciders, beers and pork pies the county has to offer, before cramming themselves into the booth to dress up as a pirate.


Photo booths present an excellent excuse to dress up. And what night of the year could be better suited to dressing up than Hallowe’en? If you know that your guests are going to be putting a special effort into their costumes this year, then rewarding them with a special place to pose makes perfect sense.