Holding an event in a Heatwave

Holding an event in a Heatwave

Barring the occasional downpour, recent weeks have inflicted a protracted heatwave upon the UK – in fact, one that’s unprecedented in living memory. Rivers are shrinking, lawns are turning brown, and lorries are sticking to the melting tarmac.
Given how rare this sort of weather is, we’re hesitant to complain! But if you’re holding an outdoor event in the near future, whether it’s a wedding, an outdoor festival or a small garden party, you’ll want to provide your friends, family and punters with a way to cope with the weather conditions.

Kick the Starting Time Back

The real scorching temperatures will occur between midday and three-o-clock. If your event looks set to finish early, you can always push back the starting time to spare your guests from the worst of the warm weather.

Provide Plenty of Water

Dehydration should be a big concern at this time of year. Ensure that your guests have access to clean drinking water, and that they know about it. Some might be hesitant to go to the bar and ask for tap water, so save them the embarrassment and put the H2O out and on display.

Provide Cold Refreshments

While your guests will need water to cope with the weather, they’ll also appreciate cold beverages and deserts. An ice-cream trolley is sure to go down a treat, as might a round of cocktails. Just bear in mind that sugar, caffeine and alcohol will all contribute to dehydration.

Provide Shelter

While it’s a shame to waste a prolonged sunny spell, it’s also important to take occasional breaks from the sun – particularly if you have a paler complexion. Set up tents, umbrellas and parasols around your event, and be sure that everyone has access to them. You might also provide indoor distractions like a photo booth, whose walls will provide your guests with a welcome break from the constant sunshine. With the weather being particular warm in the country’s south, photo booth hire in Dunstable, Maidenhead and High Wycombe makes particularly good sense!

Enjoy Yourself!

Weather like this doesn’t come around very often in the UK. Indeed, many of us spend thousands of pounds each year flying abroad in search of it. Let’s therefore close with a final piece of advice: enjoy the sunshine while you have the chance! Provided you take a few simple precautions, you’ll be able to do so safely.