Holding the Ultimate World Cup Semi-Final Party

Holding the Ultimate World Cup Semi-Final Party

Well, blimey. We didn’t expect that. For the first time in twenty-eight years, England’s men’s football team will participate in a World Cup semi-final. This is a big deal, to put it mildly: a time for the nation to come together (albeit briefly) and obsess over whether a ball goes into the back of one net more times than it goes into the back of another.
An occasion like this presents a great chance to get a few friends together and share the experience. If you’re running a bar, pub or a one-off outdoor event, it’s also a fantastic commercial opportunity. Let’s look at how we might get the best from it!


Like any other festival, you’ll need to get the place suitably decorated to get everyone in the mood. That means bunting, images of Paul Gascoigne, and oversized St. George’s crosses draped across every available wall-space.


Get together a suitable playlist for the occasion. That means Fat Les, New Order, ‘England United’ and all of the one-hit world-cup wonders that you’ve forgotten existed. If we should actually win the thing, you can be sure that the jubilant crowd will spontaneously burst into ‘Three Lions’. In fact, they might well do the same thing even if we don’t win.


There’s sure to be a lot of nervous energy bubbling around in the build-up to kick-off. Why not try to vent that energy with a little entertainment? The kids are sure to enjoy jumping up and down on a bouncy castle, while everyone’s sure to appreciate the attention of a photo-booth. The latter will provide a source of nostalgia for years to come – whatever the result of the game. Don’t forget the patriotic England-flag face-paint!

Food and Drink

However nervous we all get, we’ll need to be properly fed and watered. That means providing your punters with a steady stream of affordable food and drink. Ideally, the food should be convenient and unpretentious. A burger and a round of chips should satisfy most – though you might also include a vegetarian option.


If you assemble hundreds of people to watch an unprecedented sports event, then you had better be sure that you’re able to provide a reliable view of the action. That means hiring multiple screens and ensuring that the feed isn’t going to cut out midway through a crucial set-piece.

What’s next?

Now, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves too much, but there’s a possibility that England might progress to the World Cup Final and (dare we even think it?) win the whole thing. That being the case, you’ll want to throw a party that’s even more spectacular on Sunday. Simply take some of the steps we’ve outlined and make them bigger, better, and more boisterously than before. What could be easier?