How to Boost Staff Morale this Autumn

How to Boost Staff Morale this Autumn

On Sunday (that’s the 23rd just gone), summer officially ended in the UK – though the weather’s been getting decidedly chilly since long before then. Given the amount of hot weather we enjoyed this year, it seems churlish to grumble too loudly. But still, we can’t help but be a little peeved about it.

As the days get shorter, we’re exposed to less sunshine. The air is chillier, and the leaves on the trees are turning brown and, well, dying. For most of us, it’s a little bit depressing. What’s more, we’re still ages away from Christmas (whatever your local supermarket might think). The chances are that your staff are going to be a little bit blue about the whole thing.

It’s worth therefore taking a few steps to limit the damage and cheer everyone up. Let’s run through a few suggestions.

Natural Light

One of the most depressing things about autumn is the lack of natural light. Be sure that your staff are getting enough of it during the day – keep curtains drawn and windows clean.


Your staff aren’t going to get much work done if they’re sat in the office shivering. After all, it’s hard to chase emails and enter data if your body has gone into survival mode. Don’t be a cheapskate – crank the heating. Workers are most productive at around 22 degrees.

Throw a Party

If you wait until the end of next month, there’s Halloween. But there’ll surely be other excuses to throw a shindig before then. If there’s a local charity you’d like to raise money for, now’s a great time to throw a quiz. Of course, being among the best photo booth hire companies near Slough, we’re going to recommend you throw in a photo booth. It’s a great way to get everyone smiling – and you’ll have mementos of the occasion to look back on afterwards.

Ask for Feedback

The people who actually make your business run are going to have their own ideas about where you’re going wrong, and if you want to improve things, you’ll welcome their perspective. Provide a means of submitting suggestions, either anonymously or otherwise. If you take their ideas on board, they’ll feel emotionally invested in the success of your firm – to say nothing of the inherent value of a good idea.

Let Them Clock Off Early

If your staff are sticking around each evening until it’s dark, they’re going to end up miserable. In the long run, they’ll end up less productive, in spite of the hours they’re putting in. Establish clear limits on office-time – especially if you’re in an industry that demands long hours, like law.