How to Cope with a Washed-Out Wedding

If it’s not every couple’s worst nightmare, it’s surely high up on a list of inconveniences. For a myriad of reasons, some of us choose to get hitched when the weather’s cold – but, this being Britain, even those who opt for a midsummer wedding run a risk of being caught out by a spell of wet weather.

With the arrival of Storm Dennis providing a stark reminder of how much misery rain can cause, many of us might now be wondering exactly what we can do to weatherproof a planned wedding – or any other large party. Here, we’ll run through a few tried and tested techniques.

Move things Indoors

If the heavens decide to open midway through the reception, then you’ll want the security of knowing that you can move things indoors at a moment’s notice. This is one of those things you’ll need to confirm with the venue before going ahead with the wedding; while it’s possible to accommodate hundreds of people on the lawn of a grand estate, having them all move suddenly indoors might not be quite so easy.

Bring Umbrellas

When it comes to contingency plans, this one is a sticking plaster – but having dozens of umbrellas to hand out when things get drizzly can be a life-saver, especially when you’re caught outdoors and need just a few extra minutes to rush back inside.

Dress Appropriately

There’s nothing more likely to ruin a wedding dress than dragging the bottom of it through the mud. Have a means of lifting it in place. The same applies for makeup and footwear. The former should be waterproof; the latter should be rugged enough to cope with wet soil. When you come back indoors, you can then change back into your usual wedding footwear.

Hire a Photobooth

Your wedding will need entertainment. Your band or DJ might require lots of speakers, mixers, cables and other devices, which can’t be easily moved from one place to another. But there are other forms of entertainment which, as well as being inherently mobile, are naturally suited to life indoors. You can probably guess what we’re driving at, here: a photo-booth fits the bill rather neatly – order one with a roof and it’ll provide bags of fun, whatever the weather’s like.

Embrace It

If it looks like a rainy wedding day is inevitable, then it’s time to stop thinking of it as a problem, but as a feature. You’ll get distinctive photos, rainbows, a dash of good luck (if you’re superstitious) and a story to tell long after you get back from the honeymoon.

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