How to enjoy a party without alcohol

There are a number of reasons why you might not be drinking alcohol, from using ‘Dry January’ to give your liver a rest to having work the next day so not wanting a hangover.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun, especially if you follow CheesySmiles’ top tips on how to enjoy a party without alcohol.

Bring your own mixers

Bringing your own mixers to a party (such as Coke or lemonade) not only makes the host think you’re really nice and considerate, it also ensures you’ll actually have something other than tap water to drink.

Keep hold of a (non-alcoholic) drink

Keep holding your cup of Coke when you’re at the party to stop the other guests asking you if you want a drink.

It means you won’t have to constantly explain that you aren’t drinking alcohol throughout the party.

Be confident

One of the main reasons people drink alcohol at parties is because it makes you feel more confident.

But confidence is something that can be faked if you have the, err, confidence to do so.

You don’t have to go completely crazy – you shouldn’t pretend to actually be drunk – just try not to be too shy.

Not drinking alcohol at a party isn’t a big deal

If you don’t make a big thing about you not drinking alcohol, most people at a party aren’t going to care one way or the other.

So just relax and enjoy the party.

Staring at your phone isn’t an alternative to drinking alcohol

When you are feeling awkward at a party, nothing draws attention to that more than you staring at your phone the whole time.

It also makes everybody around you feel more awkward and even less likely to talk to you, so unless you get a phone call or text message, leave your phone in your pocket.

Talk to people

Most parties essentially come down to spending time with people, and you don’t need to drink alcohol to do that.

So make an active effort to talk to people at a party. You could have fun with your current friends, or get to know new friends who you meet at the party

Host the party yourself

If you want a party that isn’t designed around people drinking alcohol, then host it yourself. Giving the party a focus, such as making it a movie or videogame night, will give everyone something to do and not make them feel like they need to drink alcohol to enjoy the party.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to actually ban your guests from drinking – they can make their own choices.

The photos will still look great – especially if you hire a CheesySmiles photo booth

One of the best things about not drinking at parties is that you’ll still look great in all of the photos.

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