How to get more Instagram followers so people actually see your favourite photos

Because we hire photo booths for parties we know a thing or two about sharing photos. If you want to share your best photos on a large scale Instagram is the way to go, but not many people will see your photos if nobody actually follows you. Here are CheesySmiles’ top tips on getting more Instagram followers.

Have a theme

People will have more of a reason to follow you if your Instagram account has a focus, where all your photos follow a theme. The theme is up to you – choose something you yourself are interested in.


Talk to your followers

If the followers you already have comment on your photos, try to always say something back – people are more likely to follow those users who interact.


Like other people’s photos

Liking lots and lots of photos similar to yours will get you noticed. People who follow accounts similar to yours will be more likely to follow you too.


Take interesting photos

Take interesting photos so that your Instagram feed is something you would enjoy yourself if it was made by someone else.


Use your other social media accounts

If you have lots of followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook let them know about your Instagram account – they might want to follow you on Instagram too.


Edit your photos

There are plenty of smartphone apps that make it easy to edit photos, so make sure you edit photos to make them look as good as possible before you post them to Instagram.


Quality over quantity

While it’s a good thing to keep up a schedule and post photos to Instagram regularly there’s no point posting just for the sake of it if the quality isn’t up to scratch.


Use hashtags

Don’t use common hashtags like #cat because you will be competing with millions of other photos, but still try to find hashtags that are relevant to your photos.


Promote your favourite Instagrammers

Have an Instagram account you really admire? Try reposting some of their best photos to your followers, making sure you tag them. The Instagrammer you promote will be flattered and might even pay back the favour and tell their followers about you.


Follow you friends and get them to follow back

Follow the accounts Instagram recommends. These are often people from your other social media accounts so they will be more likely to follow you back.


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