How to Get Over Camera Shyness

How to Get Over Camera Shyness

Here at Cheesy Smiles, we want everyone who uses our booths to have fun – and to feel good about themselves when they get hold of their images at the end of a session. But not everyone is comfortable sitting in front of a lens, and a little bit of camera-shyness is bound to afflict some of us.

Let’s say from the outset that while we might be the best photo booth hire service in Slough, Hayes and Maidenhead, we’re not psychiatrists. If the prospect of standing in front of a camera and saying ‘cheese’ fills you with paralysing dread, you’re under no obligation to do so. If, however, you find yourself tensing up just a little bit every time your picture is taken, it might be worth considering a few strategies. Let’s review some of them!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

We all compare ourselves to other people. It’s only natural. But it’s a problem in the age of Instagram, when every haircut, holiday and poached egg must be shared with an online audience whose size and enthusiasm can hugely influence our sense of self-worth. The sooner you ditch that mentality, the sooner you’ll be happy to have your picture taken.

Hide Yourself

When your face is concealed, it’s a lot easier to stop worrying about how you look in pictures. Our booths allow you to dress up and conceal your face using all manner of outlandish props. Or, if you’re in a setting where no props or masks are available, then you can always pull a face!


Some people might find themselves labelled ‘non-photogenic’. They’re not necessarily unattractive; they’re just unable to fulfil their potential in front of the camera. If that’s you, then there’s a solution: get in front of the mirror and practice. Find a pose that you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

Don’t Obsess

With that said, it’s not worth spending ten minutes in front of the mirror each morning in search of a winning pose – you’ll probably just make yourself miserable. Likewise, don’t agonise over old photos where you don’t look your best.

Immersion Therapy!

If you want having your picture taken to no longer seem like a big deal, then face your fear and get your picture taken as often as possible. Before long the novelty will wear off, and the camera will cease to be quite so imposing. Naturally, we can’t think of a better environment for this sort of immersion-therapy than within one of our photo booths!