How to get the best photos of your corporate event

Hiring a photo booth from us is a great way to use photography in a very social way to keep guests at your corporate event entertained. But if you want to capture the event as a whole, you will probably want to hire a professional photographer too.

Here is what you need to look for in order to get the best photos of your corporate event.


Don’t cheap out on your photographer

Good photographers can seem like an unnecessary expense when you are on a budget, but using an amateur photographer can be even more costly when you go through all the trouble of holding a corporate event only for the photos to not be that great.

Great pictures can make a great corporate event last a lifetime, and can be used for all sorts of marketing purposes – this will be wasted if you cheap out on the photographer and get bad photos.


Use a high quality camera

As great as the camera on your smartphone is, you are kidding yourself if you think it is anywhere near the quality of a professional-quality SLR camera. Getting your guests to take photos of your corporate event is a great way to get some really personal moments (check out our CheesyMoves service – where we send you video cameras for your staff to use – if you want more of these special moments) but if you want the best photos possible you need to hire a professional photographer who has all the right equipment.


Give the photographer as much information as possible to get an accurate quote

If you want the most accurate quote – one without hidden costs – you need to give the photographer as much information as possible about the corporate event and what you need them to do. This includes things like when and where they need to be at the event to capture the important moments and what the photos will be used for.


Remember that not everybody loves being photographed

Let your guests know that there will be a photographer there so that they know what to expect. It is especially important to notify any speaker you might have so they are not taken by surprise in the middle of a speech.


Look at photographers’ portfolios

Don’t just hire the first photographer you come across, your corporate event deserves better than that. Check out the portfolios of photographers to see if the quality and style of their photos is up to scratch.


Make sure the photographer knows the venue

The photographer needs to know his or her way around the venue where the corporate event is taking place, so if they haven’t been there before make sure they turn up early so they can have a look around.


See who owns the copyright and check the terms of photo usage

Before you sign anything you need to discuss who will own the copyright of the photos and what they can be used for. See if you will be allowed to use them for things like your website and future promotion.


Photography for your guests to enjoy

Hiring a professional photographer is great for capturing the corporate event as a whole, but what if you want to use photography to keep your guests entertained?

Hiring one of our photo booths is a great way to bring your guests together to have fun. And because all of our photo booth packages come with props included, they really get to let their hair down. Read more about how hiring a photo booth from CheesySmiles can help bring your corporate event to life.