How to have the ultimate Brexit party

On the 23rd June the British public voted 52-48 to leave the EU, which means one of two things: you can have a party to celebrate a bright new future for the UK, or you can have a party to drown your sorrows because of all the doom and destruction that is about to fall on the country.

Whatever way you voted, CheesySmiles has you covered with tips on how to have the ultimate EU referendum Brexit party (what do you mean, that’s not a real thing?)


Taking photos of the ultimate Brexit party with a photo booth

Everybody has cameras on their smartphones, but the problem with that is all the photos will be of other party guests also taking photos on their phones.

So what you need is a photo booth, which you can hire from CheesySmiles, to bring everybody together in one place. Our photo booths are massive, so you can fit in loads of your Brexit party guests to take crazy fun photos with each other, with the props we include in every photo booth hire package.


Getting great videos of your ultimate Brexit party with CheesyMoves video camera hire and editing packages

Just like with taking photos, there will be loads of people filming on their smartphones at your Brexit party, but most of them will be all shaky, and getting all the footage from everyone will be a nightmare.

What makes CheesyMoves great is that we send you two high-quality HD cameras which you can hand out to your guests. They can film all the personal, intimate stuff that really shows how fun everybody is having at your Brexit party (or how miserable everyone is, of course).

But CheesyMoves is more than just a video camera hire service. When you send the cameras back to us, we’ll professionally edit the footage into really fun and creative videos which you’ll be sharing with your friends and family for years to come.


Now, time for the ultimate ultimate Brexit party

The EU referendum results might have half the UK population thinking we’re about to go back to the dark ages, but technology keeps moving on.

That’s why we have an idea for the ultimate ultimate Brexit party. Because it’s the 21st century, we now let you hire a 360 VR video camera for your party. As the name suggests, 360 VR video cameras film in 360 video, giving you the most immersive experience yet.

Instead of being forced to look only where the cameraman wanted you to look, 360 VR video allows the viewer to move the camera around themselves, either on their smartphone, computer, or through a VR headset (with a smartphone inserted).

And, just like with CheesyMoves, we’ll take all the footage you film with our 4K VR camera and professionally edit it into a really immersive experience.