How to Look Good in Photos

How to Look Good in Photos

You might have heard it said that while such-and-such a person might be attractive, they aren’t quite ‘photogenic’. Somehow, whenever a camera is pointed at them, they don’t quite manage to look their best. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected with the right approach. If you’re considering some of the best photo booth hire Leighton Buzzard has to offer, then you’ll need to summon your best poses before getting in the booth. Let’s look at how!

Volume, Volume, Volume

When professional photographers shoot professional models, they discard most of the pictures they take. While thousands of snaps get taken, just one tends to end up on the billboard. The same principle applies to your photobooth: the more shots you have, the greater the likelihood that one will be worth keeping!

Our service provides three hours of supervised booth-time, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get the snaps you need. Just don’t hog the booth to the extent that vexes your fellow guests!

Have a Drink

Naturally, we’re not going to encourage drinking to excess. Moreover, not all of your guests will want to have any alcohol at all, for a range of reasons. But the simple fact is that alcohol lowers inhibitions, and it’ll not only make your guests likelier to volunteer for a stint in the photo booth; it’ll make them more expressive once they’re in there. Bottoms up!


We’re called cheesy smiles for a reason! Most people tend to look best when they’re smiling, but you don’t want to force it. Try to break out a few jokes and relax everyone in the booth – that way you’ll get natural, candid shots.

Don’t Force It

Some people just don’t make a good match for photography: they’re naturally camera-averse, and have no interest in conquering their phobia. You don’t want to turn your special occasion into therapy, and you don’t want an unwilling person cramping your style in the booth. Therefore, just leave those camera-shy people to their own devices – you can always collar them later in the evening and describe what fun they missed out on!

Use props

Our photo booths come with a slew of props. They’re capable of injecting a little bit of fun and theatre into proceedings – and they’re an ideal means of coaxing even the shyest guest out of their shell. Why not make use of them?