How to make your employees happy

CheesySmiles is all about allowing people to enjoy themselves with our photo booths at events such as birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events.

It’s only possible for us to provide fun for everybody else by having happy employees.

However, happy employees aren’t important only in the photo booth hire business. Every single business in the world functions better and more productively when its employees are happy.

With all the corporate events our photo booths have attended, we know a thing or two about happy employees. Here are our top tips.


Let your employees try new things

Employees are happier when they know that their hard work is actually contributing to the success of the business. Let them get involved with other areas of the business from time to time so they get a bigger picture of the business.


Give your employees new responsibilities

When you do the same thing over and over it starts to get boring. The same is true for your employees. If you don’t occasionally give them new responsibilities they won’t grow as an employee and they will get bored – they’ll be more likely to leave, too, meaning you’ll need to spend time and money looking for a replacement.


Let your employees know what’s going on

If you really want employees to be happy, they’ll need to feel as if they are part of the team. For that to happen they need to know what is going on across the business, not just the little area in which the individual employee works. Let them know about the good and bad, from exciting new products that are on their way, to things the company is going to struggle with.


Don’t try to act like your employees’ best friend

Acting like your employees’ buddy isn’t the way to make them happy, no matter how much you think it will. It will likely do the opposite, making them feel bad things about you. You should try to develop an atmosphere of honesty between you and your employees but you are unlikely to be good friends with them – you do have the power to fire them, after all. Don’t try to force any friendships: you will only make them feel uncomfortable.


Pay your employees fairly

You don’t have to pay your employees the highest possible salary compared to other businesses to make them happy, you’ll be thankful to know, but you do need to pay them fairly. Then, once they have started working for you, they will be more motivated by things such as their work environment and knowing that their work is actually achieving something.


Treat your employees from time to time – preferably with a CheesySmiles photo booth

It’s important that you let your employees let their hair down every so often. It keeps them happy, refreshed, and can be good for team building.

Things like going out to a park for a game of football or a drink in a bar are common things but we think they’ve become a little boring.

That’s why we suggest you hire a photo booth. Our photo booths are a great and easy way to bring lots of fun to any employee’s day.

The crazy props, which are included in all our photo booth packages, are a great way to get people to open up around each other.

The best thing about our photo booths is that they print actual photos, which your employees can use to decorate the office, reminding them of how much fun they have working for your business.