How to make your Winter Wedding stand out

How to make your Winter Wedding stand out

It’ll come as no surprise to most of you that summer is the most popular time of year to host a wedding. The weather is warmer, the chances of rain are reduced, and you’ll benefit from more daylight. But since the nights have been drawing in sooner, we’ve been thinking that there’s a lot to be said for a Winter wedding, too – and not just as a cost-cutting measure. Dressing up will be easier, there’ll be less wedding-fatigue around, and you’ll have a chance to make your big day that much more distinctive.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what makes a winter wedding truly memorable.


It’s a fact of the season that most of your wedding reception is going to take place under cover of darkness. So why not embrace this with some warm, atmospheric lighting? Set up candles everywhere to guide your guests around. Open flames provide a valuable heat source, as well as some delightful ambience – but if you’d prefer to keep things non-flammable, some tastefully draped fairy-lights can come in handy.


In the dead of winter, a mid-afternoon ceremony can drag out until after dusk. There’s something a little bit ominous about going into the venue in daylight and emerging into darkness, so try to arrange the ceremony for the middle of the day. That way, you’ll be able to have the reception drinks go on while the sun’s setting and have your significant set-pieces tailored for a night-time ambience.


While we’re embracing winter, we can throw out all of the usual wedding food that everyone’s bored with and go for some of those bolder winter flavours. Spices, slow-cooked meats and mulled wines are sure to go down well, because they’re more likely to be novel for many of your guests, while still being popular enough that everyone will want to tuck in.


Christmas is a time of year when people will have made commitments that they can’t break. To be sure that everyone can attend, therefore, you’ll want to send out your ‘save the date’ cards well in advance. If you’d prefer to keep your ceremony separate and distinct from the rest of the festive season, then we’d suggest hosting it in January or February. Avoid Valentine’s Day at all costs, however – unless all of your friends are singletons.


Similarly, it’s worth booking your wedding entertainment well in advance – especially if you’re going to be competing with the Christmas party season. A photo booth service is a great way for everyone to capture a few special moments over the course of the evening; ours are expertly supervised, and will produce digital and physical copies of every snap.

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