How to plan your wedding

Just got engaged but the idea of sorting out everything for the wedding is a little overwhelming? It’s kind of stressful, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, CheesySmiles is here to show you why a great wedding is all in the planning.


Make a schedule to be organised

You’re reading the CheesySmiles blog so you must be pretty smart. That means you’ve probably already thought about this one, but it bears repeating: write a schedule of everything you need to do to organise your wedding.

You can use it as a checklist to keep track of all the things you’ve accomplished. It’s a good idea to write your schedule in Evernote, Google Keep, or a similar note-keeping software so it syncs to all of your devices, including your smartphone and computer.


Plan a little each week

It’s no good devising a schedule if you don’t actually sit down to plan. To keep things moving at a steady pace it’s a good idea to have a specific day or evening each week where you and your partner sit down together to plan.

During these planning periods you could do anything from flicking through wedding magazines to checking out different wedding venues.


Plan together

Make sure both you and your partner are taking part in the wedding planning. You can look through the list/schedule you have written and each of you decide which bits you want to be in charge of planning.

The wedding day is about both of you, so you will need to make some compromises. The more you are willing to compromise, the fewer the arguments, and the less stressful the wedding planning will be.



The wedding day might be about you and your partner, but you still need to think about keeping your guests entertained. There’s nothing wrong with having a good DJ, but it’s possible to have more than just dancing at your wedding.

When you hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles, you create a space where friends and family from both yours and your partner’s sides come together to have crazy amounts of fun, with all sorts of props (included).

And what’s even better, because the photo booth prints physical photos, every guest who uses the photo booth gets to go home with a memento.


Recording the wedding

You don’t want to go to all the trouble of planning a wedding only for nobody to be able to remember it.

That’s why you need a way to record it. The usual method is to hire a photographer, but come on, this is the 21st century. Why only have photos when you can have video too?

With our CheesyMoves service, we send you three high-quality video camera which you can hand out to your guests. They can film whatever they want (or whatever you tell them to film), and the best part, the part that makes CheesyMoves really special, is that when you send the cameras back to us, we’ll edit the footage into a professional, creative, and fun video of your wedding.