How to put on the best party ever! Six great party tips

CheesySmiles wouldn’t exist if we didn’t believe in having lots of fun. And what’s the best way of having fun on a large scale? By throwing an amazing party, of course!

There are all sorts of parties: birthdays, New Year, Christmas, etc. Or, and we think these are the best kind of parties, you can have a party just for the sake of having fun.

Here’s our little guide to throwing an amazing party, one that all the guests will absolutely love, and a party that the people who weren’t invited to will feel soooo jealous (and then they’ll probably lie and say they were there).

Inviting guests

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to say you’re stupid – we know you won’t forget to invite guests.

But there are different ways you should approach party invites depending on what sort of party you want to host.

If it’s more of a casual party with lots of your closer friends, you’ll be fine with just making a Facebook event and inviting everybody through that.

However, if it’s more formal (maybe you want people to come dressed in suits, for example), it’s a good idea to send invites by post as this will help set the mood of the party, and give your invitees a better idea of the kind of party they can expect to attend.

Sort out your house before the party starts

Yep, this is the boring bit before the party actually starts.

We recommend doing most of this step the day before – if you do it on the day of the party you might be tired out by the time the party actually starts.

If you’re holding the party in your house, you need to make sure it’s up to standards.

Make sure it’s clean and tidy, and that you close off any areas of the house where you don’t want guests to go.

You probably don’t have doors with locks in your house, so stick up signs on any doors people should stay out of – some people will probably ignore them, but at least they’ll know they’ll be in trouble if they get caught!

Food and drinks…or no food and drinks?

You need to think about food and drinks at a party. You can serve alcohol and food at a party, but it’s not essential.

But what is important is that you tell guests on the invitation whatever it is you’ve decided so they know whether they should eat before they head to the party, and whether they should bring their own alcohol.

Setting the party mood with music

Music is one of the most important things to get right at a party.

If you’re hosting a party in your house, you probably don’t have a budget, so hiring a DJ is probably out of the question. However, if you do have a budget, it’s a good idea to hire one, since you’ll have much less to worry about and more time to enjoy the party.

If you don’t want to hire a DJ, there are a few ways you can go about choosing the right music. If your party has a theme, it could make music selection a little easier – just choose music that matches the theme.

You could also ask all your invitees to choose their favourite tracks before the party and then make a playlist using their suggestions.

Or, you could buy a Google Chromecast Audio and plug it into your hi-fi so that any of your guests can use their smartphones to play a track through Spotify or similar services.

Hire a photo booth to make your party extra special

Everybody has a camera on their smartphone these days, but that means a lot of the specialness of photos has disappeared.

CheesySmiles makes photos fun again, and in doing so makes your party even more fun. When you hire one of our photo booths for your party, you’ll get a space where your guests can have crazy amounts of fun with each other and with lots of props (included, of course).

Your guests will be able to print photos from the photo booth while they’re still at the party, and you’ll also get access to digital copies so you can post them all onto Facebook and Instagram as you usually do.

Get your guests to film the party

Another great thing about smartphones is that you can record video, which is great for creating memories. But filming the party on phones means you’ll have lots of little snippets of videos in all sorts of places, so it can be really difficult to see the big picture of how amazing your party was.

Our CheesyMoves service is the solution. With CheesyMoves, we send you three high-quality video cameras which you hand out to guests and let them film whatever they want (or whatever you tell them to film).

Then you send them back to us and we’ll edit them into fun and unique professional-standard videos that will really show off how much fun everybody had at your party.