How to take great photos at a party

Being experts in photo booths, CheesySmiles has learnt a lot about taking great photos at parties.

Here are our top tips on taking the greatest photos that have ever been taken at a party.

Your photos shouldn’t all be formal and posed

Formal, highly-posed group photos are so last century. Photos should show how much fun people had at the party, not just a record of the guests who attended.

Try to take photos of the party as it happens rather than trying to get everybody together to take group photos.

Use props

There’s a reason why all of our photo booth packages include loads of props – it’s because they’re really fun and make for really quirky and creative photos that everybody will love.

You could use anything from a wacky pair of glasses to a wig as a prop – use your imagination, and if it’s a themed party choose props that match the theme.

Take portraits

While parties are about bringing people together, they bring individuals together. You shouldn’t be afraid of taking portraits of people – not every single photo needs to be a group photo.

When people are looking through the photos, it can be refreshing to come across a photo of a single person every so often among the group photos.

Action shots

People move at parties (as they do in general), while a photo doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean a photo can’t show the movement of the party if you take the right shots.

Look out for all the movement at a party – the most obvious example being dancing – and try to capture it with your camera.

Let somebody else take some photos

Giving your camera to another party guest can be great for getting shots you would never have thought of taking yourself. It can also get your cameras to groups of people you do not know well enough to take photos of.

Take lots of photos – delete the bad ones

One of the great things about digital photography is just how many photos you can take.

So use this to your advantage and take lots of photos. Each time you take a photo, take a few more of the same thing.

This way, when you look through your photos after the party, you can delete all the blurry, badly lined up shots so that the photos in your collection all look perfect.

Have fun

Remember to have fun yourself. If the other guests see you having fun, they will be more at ease and more willing to let their guard down in front of the lens, meaning better and more natural photos.

Take even better photos – hire a CheesySmiles photo booth for your party

It’s great that you want your party photos to be really good, but chances are half the party guests will also have their cameras out.

Hiring a photo booth from CheesySmiles fixes this problem because it becomes a focal point of a party, a place where all the guests come together to take fun photos with each other (with crazy props included).

Got any questions about hiring a CheesySmiles photo booth? Check out our FAQs.