How to throw the best kids’ birthday party in the world

CheesySmiles is a lot like a child in that we love to have fun (and you have to keep us away from sharp objects).

Here are our top tips to making your child’s birthday party one to remember.

Making and sending the invitations

As with every other part of planning a kids’ birthday party, don’t think you have to be fancy with your party invitations.

In fact, it’s best to design them yourself. It’s easy to do if you have a PC – you can even get the birthday boy or girl to help you to make it extra special.

Remember to include your child’s name and how old they will be, the address of the party, your phone number, the date and start and end times of the party, the theme of the party if any, and you can even include a map to show people where the party is.

Use the invitation to remind the parents to let you know if their children are allergic to any food.


If the idea of making a playlist of children’s music drives you insane, there are plenty of compilation CDs you can enjoy.

You probably already have plenty of CDs at home, or use Spotify or similar, but if the party is being held at another venue, remember to take a CD player/speakers if the venue doesn’t have any.


Decorations are another part of planning a kids’ party that could be either really fun or a nightmare, depending on how messy you want to get.

If you want to make it easy for yourself, just buy some party decorations.

If, however, you want to get a little creative, and make the birthday boy or girl even more excited for the party, you can make some or all of the decorations yourself. Your child will be showing off to their friends at the party about how you made the decorations. Get your child to help to make them extra special.

The best part about making your own decorations (other than how fun it is) is that it is so cheap – you can make do with some cardboard, glitter, and string if you put your imagination to work.


You could hire a clown or magician to keep the children entertained, but this isn’t the only way.

Since children’s entertainers can be expensive, you could consider learning some magic tricks to perform yourself. You could also keep it more traditional and get the children to play musical chairs or pass-the-parcel.

You could even take them to a nearby park and let them run around or play football for half-an-hour or so.


Save yourself lots of trouble and just keep the food simple. Kids don’t each much and they’ll be happy with sandwiches and crisps.

Make sure you don’t feed any of the children food that they are allergic to.

Hire a CheesySmiles photo booth for your child’s party

What better way to remember a great party than by having a photo booth to give you lots of really fun and wacky photos?

When you hire a CheesySmiles photo booth it becomes the centre of the party, a place where all the children come together to have fun with loads of crazy props (included!).

Want to know more about hiring one of our photo booths for your children’s party? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.