How to turn a good team into a great team

With all the corporate events CheesySmiles’ photo booths go to we know how important it is to have a great business team in order to be effective at what you do.

Here are our top tips on turning a good team into a great team.


Don’t be a hypocrite

I bet you thought being promoted to manager would mean you’d get to sit back and relax a little. Ha ha! How wrong you were.

You need to work harder than ever before, and you need people to see it. Not only do you need to boss people around (i.e. manage them) by delegating work and ensuring they are on target, you also need to be working hard yourself.

People will not work hard if the people telling them to work hard aren’t themselves working hard!


Hire people who will fit in with the company’s culture

When you’re hiring for an open position and you have a mountain of CVs in front of you, you will probably be distinguishing between candidates by looking at their skills, background, and experience.

This is fine for the initial stages, but once you narrow down the candidates and start holding interviews you need to think carefully about the candidates’ personalities. It’s no good hiring a candidate who has lots of experience only for them to not gel well with the rest of the team.

You can even get your team involved in the hiring. Ask their opinions of different candidates, or even have one or two of them with you in the interview room.


Develop an atmosphere of honesty and openness

For any team to function smoothly and efficiently, there needs to be trust between all its members. This trust needs to begin at the top, with you as the leader creating an atmosphere of honesty and openness.

Team members need to know that they can get on with their jobs and share ideas without feeling that they will be judged.

As a leader you also need to be able to trust your team so you know that they will work at their best even when you are not with them.


Team building

For a team to really function its members need to know and be comfortable with each other, both professionally and on a more personal, informal level.

One of the best ways for this to happen is by letting them have fun with each other every so often.

You could try more usual team building ideas such as going to a park and having a game of football, but we have a better idea.


Team-building the fun way – hire a photo booth

CheesySmiles’ photo booths are a great way to get your team together to have fun. The props included with all our packages instil an air of fun; even the quietist of employees will be jumping into the action.

And because our photo booths actually print out physical photos you can decorate the office with photos of the team having fun together.