Ideas That Will Set Your Hallowe’en Party Apart

Ideas That Will Set Your Hallowe’en Party Apart

If you’re planning a corporate event in the near future, then Hallowe’en makes an obvious choice for a themed party. A Hallowe’en party isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding or a retirement party, so you might only have limited resources to play with. But there’s no point in doing Hallowe’en unless you’re going to do it right: so let’s run through a few of the touches that’ll set your party apart without breaking the bank.


The quality (and quantity) of your decorations will break or break your celebrations. Depending on how grisly you want to make things, you can go for pumpkins, skulls, blood, bats and pentagrams. We’d suggest going for a few high-quality items rather than lots of cheap ones. Remember that lighting is going to make a world of difference, so be sure to go for things that are going to look good in the dark. Position a few lamps behind your props and see if you can cast some sinister shadows.

Dry Ice

Nothing says spooky more effectively than a dense carpet of fog around everyone’s feet. When you’re pumping out smoke, you want to be sure that it’s the low-lying sort rather than the room-filling haze. You can expect to pay around a grand for the right sort of fog machine – so you can either look to rent one, or you can buy the stuff in chunks and distribute it without a machine. You’ll even be able to use the dry ice in your drinks, provided you exercise proper caution.


You don’t need to come up with a whole bar filled with themed cocktails, but just two or three cauldrons filled with punch will be enough to get the theme across without breaking the bank. Toss a slab of dry ice in there to avoid little chunks of the stuff burning people’s mouths – it’ll sit at the bottom and keep everything chilled and smoky. Note that dry ice will make your punch flat, so avoid carbonated recipes.


When it comes to music, you want a combination of the strange and the familiar. This is, after all, a party, and everyone’s going to expect to hear ‘Thriller’. If your DJ doesn’t play it, along with all of the other monster-themed classics, you can expect disappointment.


Since everyone is going to be dressed up in their most macabre attire, you’ll want a means of recording everything in ideal lighting conditions. That’s where our photobooths for hire come in – they’re each supervised by experienced attendants, and they’ll be able to capture your Hallowe’en costumes in all of their glory. We’re the leading rental company in Buckinghamshire, and we’re running a discount on events in October.