Keeping the Kids Entertained at a Wedding

Keeping the Kids Entertained at a Wedding


Weddings are, by and large, for grown-ups. Kids just don’t understand the gravity of proceedings – and they’re likely to get restless during all of that standing around, chatting and waiting. Some couples even insist that their guests leave their children at home – despite the risk of attendance suffering.

While there’s no perfect way to keep the children occupied during a wedding, it is possible to make things just a little bit more bearable for them. And, if they’re not complaining, your guests will be left free to enjoy yourself that little bit more.

Feed them Separately

For adults, a sit-down meal can be one of the highlights of the evening. They’ll be free at their leisure to have a protracted catch-up over six or seven courses of posh food. Kids, meanwhile, will have far less patience.

It’s also sensible to consider the content of the meal – given that the average child’s taste is vastly different to the average adult’s, it makes sense to arrange for a separate child’s menu. If you’re putting on a buffet, this might mean arranging a few dishes to cater to the tastes of smaller people.

Hire a Photo Booth

Naturally, our photo booths aren’t just for adults to have fun with. Given that they’re under constant supervision by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you’ll be able to let the kids wander in and out as they please. Just ask us for a copy of any photos taken, and we’ll be happy to provide. We’re not shy about telling everyone that we’re the best photo booth hire company in Buckinghamshire – get in touch and we’ll prove it at your wedding!

Bring Sweets

When children are being starved of attention, they may well decide to act up. If pushed, they may even exercise the nuclear option and throw a tantrum in the middle of the ceremony. For this reason, get your guests to give them a sweet incentive. Well behaved children should be promised sweets. Poll the parents beforehand and organise a supply of the more popular treats.

Bring in a Professional

While setting up a creche at the side of your wedding might seem like an extravagance, it’s one that, if you’re expecting lots of kids to show up, might prove worthwhile. Many couples will be tempted to hire a babysitter for the evening – so it makes economic sense to just get all the kids together and organise a few activities during all of the vow-taking and document-signing. You might even bring in a specialist entertainer to perform a magic show on the side; it all depends on how many children you’re expecting, and your budget.


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