Photo Booth Turns Up in an Unlikely Place

Photo Booth Turns Up in an Unlikely Place

This week saw a little bit of unusual photo-booth-related news crop up in the national press. You might think that photo booths are mostly for entertainment at parties and getting passport shots when you’re at the supermarket – and you’d be right. But the technology has come a long way in recent years, and it’s found some more unusual applications. It’s been recently installed in a place that we might never have expected: a privately-run Nottinghamshire prison.

According to the Guardian, HMP Lowdham Grange offers a photo-booth facility to prisoners and their families for group shots. Inspectors have praised the innovation, which is aimed at strengthening ties between prisoners and their families. The Ministry of Justice reckon that prisoners who have family come to visit are, on average, 39% less likely to reoffend once released – and on that basis this investment would seem a sound one. Our takeaway is that photo booths actually fight crime!

And it’s easy to see why this why might be the case. It’s always motivating to have a positive reminder of what you’re missing when you’re on the inside. What’s more, it doesn’t hurt for kids to have fun when it’s time to visit their dad. Photo booths provide the fun that ticks both boxes.

The booth was apparently installed last March, and chimes with a wider government strategy of improving relations between prisoners and their families, which last month took the form of an announcement that prisoners would be able to call their families from inside their cells.

Of course, the fact that Serco (the company who run the prison) recognise the advantages of a photo booth experience is testament to how much fun it is, and what lasting memories it can provide. Which is why they make such a great addition to parties and other celebrations!

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