Projects to work on during Lockdown


If you’ve been housebound for the past week due to lack of work, then you might be wondering exactly what you’re going to do with the time until this whole episode blows over. Some of us were prepared for this crisis. The news of the impending lockdown prompted DIY-enthusiasts across the country to flock to their local B&Qs in search of rollers, paints and other decorating equipment.

But with stores of this sort now being deemed non-essential, you’ll have to look online for your supplies. Fortunately, many tasks around the house don’t require spending much money, or bringing in new supplies. They’ll keep you busy, and ensure that everything in your home is in good working order.


There’s never been a better reason to buy tester pots. You don’t have to leave the house to get these; most paint manufacturers will supply them via post. Then, it’s a simple matter of slapping a few coats of paint onto the wall. If you’ve been thinking about how you’ll be decorating for awhile, then now’s the time to make those dreams into reality!


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then you have no excuse not to have it in immaculate condition by the middle of summer. Set out your plans, for new patios, flowerbeds and tree-pruning, and make it a mid-morning ritual!

Installing a Gym

Yes, you can go outside for a run. But that’s not quite a substitute for the full gym experience. By installing a few key devices, you’ll be able to replicate the gym experience from the comfort of your home. A pull-up bar makes for a simple addition, and can be used for a whole range of exercises. If you do it right, you might find you can quit the gym for good.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of year when it’s traditional to give the entire house a thorough clean and tidy. It might once have been acceptable to spread this work over several days – or even a week. Well, now we have the excuse to spread it over several months. Rent a steam-cleaner for the occasion, and get to work on those carpets.

Cable Management

The back of your entertainment setup might be a hideous thing to behold. Is there a higgledy-piggledy jumble of cables snaking from your TV to your AV receiver to your PlayStation? If so, then you probably need some cable management. Get some trunking and install it into place. If you really know what you’re doing, you can build a channel into the wall and then wall-mount the television. For most of us, a few sturdy cable-ties will do the trick.

Hanging Pictures

Decorating isn’t just a matter of changing the colours on the walls – it’s also to do with what you hang on them. As we mentioned in the last blog, those snaps you got from your photobooth are perfect candidates for prominent display – get a few high quality frames and put them all somewhere visible.


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