Questions to Ask before Hiring a Photo Booth

Questions to Ask before Hiring a Photo Booth

Here at Cheesy Smiles, we’ve provided photo booths to events of every sort, and catered to a diverse range of special requirements. If you’d like to get the best out of your booking, it’s worth posing a few questions to yourself, and establishing what the best photo solution is for your needs. Let’s run through a few of the more common!

When do I need the booth?

This one might sound pretty obvious, but unless we have availability on the day you need the booth, we’re unlikely to be able to cater for you. We can get around this problem by booking as early as possible, and thereby minimising the chance of disappointment.

What sort of booth do I need?

You might suppose that a photo booth is a photo booth, and that that’s all there is to it. But you’d be wrong! We offer a total of four different kinds of booth, each with their own unique attributes. Pick the one that best fits your taste.

How good are the photos going to be?

Not all cameras are of the same quality – and the lighting conditions inside the booth will contribute a great deal to the eventual results. For this reason, it’s worth looking into the results you’ll eventually get before you agree to part with your money. We provide sample shots, and you can check out the testimony of other users on our Google reviews.

Do I need my own props?

Some companies will try to charge you extra for things like props. We don’t do this; you’ll get a selection of wacky costumes and other unusual items to pose with – though we won’t stop you from bringing your own in.

Do I need any technical expertise?

Likewise, some companies will cut costs by having the end-user work out how to use the booth themselves. This can be a bit tricky – especially if everyone’s had a few drinks! As such, our price includes the supervision you’ll need to get the best from your photo booth experience.

Do I need digital copies?

Over the course of an evening, a given photo booth might take hundreds of pictures. While we do provide physical copies of these, you might look to keep digital copies for distribution on Facebook, Instagram, or even to just store on your hard-drive.

What time do I need the booth?

There’s no point in paying for a booth if all of your guests are going to be distracted with other things. Therefore, we’d suggest working out in advance when your booth should arrive. For wedding receptions, mid-evening works best – that way everyone can enjoy a sit-down meal and then take a break from the dancefloor to get their pictures taken.

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