Reasons to have a party for no reason (with reasons included)

Parties are great, so why wait for somebody’s birthday to have one? Here are some reasons to have a party for no reason other than because you want to have a party.

You got a new job/promotion

A new job or promotion can be a life-changing thing, and what better way to celebrate it than inviting all your friends over and having a big party – you can afford it now, what with your new job.

You lost your job

So you were partying so hard you forgot to go to work and you lost your job. You hated the job, anyway. See it as an opportunity to pursue a career in doing something you really love – then have a party to celebrate this revelation and new found knowledge of true happiness.

Party responsibly, people.

It’s your anniversary

The best thing about an anniversary? Is it being able to appreciate the incredible love between you and your partner? No, of course not. It’s about the party you have to celebrate! Even better, because it’s an anniversary, you get to have the party every single year.

You are getting divorced

If you read the previous paragraph about having an anniversary party and you are upset because you are getting divorced, there’s no need to feel left out.

Why not have a party to celebrate your divorce? You will either feel terrible about getting divorced, in which case you’ll have lots of friends around you to offer their emotional support, or you will feel great about it and want to throw the party to show everybody just how great you feel.

You moved into a new house

When you move into a nice new house, you want to show it off to everybody. And what better way is there than having a party? There isn’t a better way.

There’s only six months until your birthday

Upset that all your friends are having birthday parties but you still have to wait six months for your own birthday? So have a party to celebrate the fact that there’s only six months left until your birthday.

It’s actually your birthday

This one couldn’t be any more obvious. It’s your birthday so have a party to celebrate. Unless you’re sick of parties after having your only-six-months-until-your-birthday party, that is.

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