Seven tips for putting on a great corporate event

If you are planning to put on a corporate event, you’ve probably already been to quite a few others – we’re willing to bet that most of them were pretty boring.

CheesySmiles doesn’t do boring so here are some great tips for putting on an even greater corporate event, one that will make everybody love your company.

Don’t try to split people up too much

As your business gets bigger and bigger, the more groups of people your corporate event has to appeal to.

But don’t make the mistake of trying to split people up by funnelling them to different events. You’ll lose one of the great things about a great corporate event – they bring people together for a shared experience.

Try to not make your corporate event too exhausting

One way to give people a bad impression of your business is by tiring them out – towards the end of the event they’ll only be thinking about when they can go home.

So don’t overschedule your corporate event. Instead, make sure there are empty spaces during the day when your employees and other guests can just relax.

Use your corporate event to shine a light on your employees – let them speak

If your company has done its job properly in the hiring department you should have more than a few employees to be proud of.

So why not show the world how great your employees are by putting them on the stage. Let any employee submit a plan for a short presentation and pick the best ones to speak on stage at the event.

Get a good mix of speakers for your corporate event

Speakers at corporate events tend to fall on two sides – there are those who offer very practical advice which people can easily follow, and there are those who appeal more to people’s hearts and give more inspirational speeches.

Both kinds of speakers are great, but you should try to have a good mix between the two at your event.

Think about networking

Many corporate events give people an opportunity at the end for networking, which is great, but sticking a hundred or so strangers in a room isn’t always the best way to network.

Think about how you can make networking actually work – this is a time, for example, where you can ignore our first tip about splitting people up and group people based on interests or other defining factors.

Hire a photo booth for your corporate event

CheesySmiles is all about making corporate events fun – so fun, in fact, that everybody who attended will fall in love with your company.

We do that by hiring out photo booths for corporate events because they are a great way to bring all your guests together to have loads of fun.

And because our photo booths actually print the photos, your guests will leave with a reminder of how much fun they had at your corporate event.

Let your employees film the corporate event

Want more than just photos of your event? With CheesyMoves, we send you three cameras which you can then hand out to your employees so they can film the event.

Once you’ve sent them back to us we’ll take all the footage and edit it into professional but fun and unique videos showing just how great your event was.