Six Tips for a Fantastic Wedding

Six Tips for a Fantastic Wedding

We’ve been providing photo-booths to couples in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area for years now, and we’ve developed a fair idea of what works at a wedding and what doesn’t. In this week’s blog, we’ll run through a few of our best tips for a successful day!

Keep the Dance Floor Clear

Whether you’ve hired a live band or a DJ (or even Spotify), the dance floor is going to serve as the hub of the party. For this reason, you don’t want to give anyone an excuse to hang around there when they aren’t dancing. Keep the tables a good distance away, and put the buffet on the other side of the room. There are few things more likely to ruin a good rendition of ‘Come On Eileen’ than the pong of a nearby cheese-board.

Hire a Professional Photographer

While there are a few areas of your budget you can afford to cut back on, your photographer isn’t one of them. When you’re done with the evening, you’ll want to be able to look back on it with affection – and if you’re just relying on an amateur snapper (or, worse yet, on the blurry, badly-framed photos that your guests have taken) you’ll regret it. For another source of memories, it also makes sense to bring in a photo-booth. Of course, we would say that, being as we’re the best photo-booth provider in Buckinghamshire!

Don’t Split the Party

You’re going to be having separate parties for the guys and girls, so there’s no reason to have a separate room to which men can disappear for hours on end smoking cigars and playing snooker. Keep everyone together and nicely mingling. We’d also suggest having the stag and hen parties a good few weeks before the day itself – that way everyone has a chance to fully recover.

Don’t Overspend

If you’re worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet in the months and weeks that follow your wedding, then the chances are that you won’t enjoy the big day as much as you should. On the other hand, you’re only going to do this once, and so there’ll be a strong incentive to pull out every stop.

We’d suggest budgeting in advance – sit down with your partner and settle on a budget for every part of your wedding celebrations. You can pick out two or three elements as priorities, and thereby remove the temptation to push the budget up elsewhere.

Go Handmade

Your wedding can be given that extra-special personal touch with the help of a little bit of DIY crafting. Menus, invitations and wedding favours are all prime candidates. With that said, you shouldn’t feel pressure to go down this route if you’re not an artsy person; if you go handmade for the sake of it, you may end up doing more harm than good!

Don’t Overcrowd the Bar

If you have one massive bar where everyone’s waiting for drinks, then it’s only natural that a few of them will strike up a conversation, and loiter there for longer than they otherwise might. This is a recipe for congestion. You can avoid this by having two or three smaller bars spread over a few different rooms.

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