Smile, you’re on camera! How to take the best candid photos

If you are taking photos of a party you want to show people actually partying and not awkwardly posing for a photo. Taking candid photos is a great way to capture the little moments that make any party special.

Here are our top tips for taking the best candid photos


Use a long lens or zoom

Standing back from the action while getting your lens right into it is the best way to take candid photos because there is less chance of people spotting you and feeling awkward and acting unnaturally.

Use a telephoto lens or a long zoom to capture the action from afar.


Stay in the shadows – don’t use flash!

Camera flashes are often so bright they are blinding, so they’re a dead giveaway that there’s a photographer nearby. Take photos with your flash turned off whenever possible.


Always have your camera out

One of the challenges of taking candid photos is that people often do not act naturally when they know they are on camera. A remedy to this is having your camera out all the time. People will then feel relaxed around your camera because it will seem like it is a part of you.


Capture people’s interactions with each other

A portrait of a single person can be a beautiful thing if done well. However, bring more people into the photo and a magical thing happens – you start to tell a story. Even if it’s a photo of people who hardly know each other the photo will express a relationship which can be much more interesting to look at.


Capture the action

Photos of people doing nothing are boring especially if you are taking photos at a party, which are supposed to be fun. Take photos of people actually doing things. It gives the photos a sense of movement, and just like the previous tip makes the photo tell a story.


Take LOTS of photos

Digital cameras make it easy to take lots and lots of photos without even thinking about it, and storage is cheaper than ever before. Now even smartphone cameras have a burst mode, so it is easy to just hold down the shutter and take lots of photos; you’ll have a much better chance of getting the perfect shot.


Hire a photo booth to make great photography at parties easy

When you hire a photo booth from CheesySmiles you make capturing any party or wedding easy because our photo booths create a space where people want to have fun.

Our photo booths come with loads of crazy props so people automatically know that when they step inside they are going to have a great time.

The photo booths then print out the photos so all the guests can go home with a really fun memento.