The Average Cost of a Wedding and How to Cut it

The Average Cost of a Wedding and How to Cut it

Depending on whose research you believe, the average cost of a wedding in the UK sits in the tens of thousands of pounds. According to a national survey commissioned last year, it’s more than thirty grand – which spells an increase of more than ten percent on the previous year.

So how can we get those costs back to a more reasonable level? Let’s consider a few strategies.

Budget First

This ever-growing figure is getting larger every year mostly because of couples incrementally bolting-on new items. But if we take the opposite approach, and come up with a hard budget before we even think about what we need. That way, you’ll know exactly where your limits are.


A sizeable portion of your expenditure will likely go into venue hire. So, decide how much you really value a given venue, and how much it’s going to add to your memories of the big day itself. Could those few thousand pounds be shifted to some area of your wedding, or your life? Is that swanky hotel down the road really that much better than the village hall? For many of us, the answer’s an unconditional yes; but if you disagree, then don’t pay over the odds.

Go Last-Minute

Life doesn’t always go as planned. As such, couples across the country are always cancelling their weddings. Here’s where savvy couples can swoop in and grab a bargain; sites like Cancelled Weddings put sellers and buyers in touch with one another, allowing the latter to cut the cost of their venue almost in half!


Quality entertainment costs. If you’re thinking of hiring a band, then you can expect to shell out a couple of grand or more. For a DJ, this figure shrinks a little. Some couples have even gone as far as plugging in Spotify – but if you go down this route, please ensure that it’s the premium version, as there’s nothing more distracting (and cheap) than ads booming over the PA system all evening.

We’re naturally biased, but we think that a photo booth makes an affordable, attractive addition to your entertainment setup.


A long time ago, some clever executives working for a diamond company decided to start an advertising campaign, which claimed that a diamond engagement ring was worth a month’s salary. And then, they got the idea to say that it was worth two month’s salary. Years later, and we’re all still living with the consequences.

And yet, there are ways to slash the cost of that ring. To start with, you can opt for a second-hand, or ‘vintage’ ring. Or a hand-me-down. If you live within the vicinity of Birmingham or London, you’ve also got access to specialised districts where quality jewellery can be had at a hefty discount – so take a look around!

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