Throwing a Party on a Budget

After Christmas is done with, few of us have the funds available to throw a lavish party. But what if this is a time of year when you have parties to throw? Winter weddings can provide a fantastic way to save money, as there’s less demand at this time of year; moreover, some birthday celebrations just happen to fall when the weather is chilly, and budgets are meagre.
So what economical measures might we employ to keep things frugal at our parties at this time of year? Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Skimp on Food

Preparing a lavish buffet for all of your guests can really help to provide your party with a much-needed lift. But if you’re looking to cut back on expenses, then getting your guests to bring their own food is often preferable to cutting corners in the catering department.

Skimp on Drink

By the same token, a big bowl of punch can really help to provide a celebration with the required zing. With that said, everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to alcohol, and it’s difficult to please everyone with a single sugary-packed drink. Of course, many of us will have given up on alcohol for January, and perhaps even longer, so cutting the punch is a sensible step.


Doing things yourself needn’t mark you as a cheapskate. It can actually have the opposite effect, giving your party that note of warmth and personality that simply can’t be bought. You can bake your own cake, cut out your own decorations, or put together a few party games of your own devising.

Assemble a Playlist

If you’re throwing a house party, then it might not have even occurred to you to book a band or a DJ. But if you’re throwing something a little more extravagant, like a wedding or a birthday, then you can slash hundreds of pounds from the final bill by getting Spotify on the case for the evening.

Invite Fewer People

The more people you’re having to cater for, the more expensive your party will be. If you’re having to plump for a larger, swankier venue, then it follows that your budget will need to expand. Take a look at your guestlist and see who can realistically be cut.

Get some Photos!

As you might imagine, we think a photo-booth provides plenty of bang for the buck. You won’t need to spend a packet to bring in our fantastic booths, but you’ll get memories that’ll last a lifetime. If you’ve planning a party this winter, then why not get in touch?