Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019

Now that Christmas has been dispensed with and the last of the chocolates have been snaffled, we’re back to something resembling normality. We thought that this might present a good opportunity to take a look forward to what’s to come in 2019 – specifically, at the latest trends that are going to be brought into the year’s wedding celebrations. Let’s get started!

Flowers in Unexpected Places

An almost indispensable part of the wedding decorations are flowers. But it’s not just arranged in gorgeous bouquets that you’ll find them this year. Floral flavours are finding their way onto the menu, and petals frozen into ice cubes make a stylish way to spruce up a gin-and-tonic.

Unorthodox Seating Arrangements

One feature that’s been fairly consistent in every modern wedding is the seating. You have two grids of chairs either side of the aisle. The groom’s friends and family sit on one side, and the bride’s sit on the other. But increasingly, couples are choosing to vary the formula with semi-circular arrangements and long, winding aisles that prolong the walking part of things and give everyone a chance to get a look at the happy couple.

More Sleeves

While strapless dresses might have dominated over the last decade or so, the style is finally beginning to wane. You can expect to see more brides sporting long, lacey sleeves in 2019.

Custom Placemats

Couples tending toward a smaller, more intimate ceremony will have the luxury of putting a bit more time and effort into their wedding favours. Custom placemats, and even dinner plates, complete with hand-written notes, provide the personal touch to all of your guests. And they remove the need to send out thank-you cards when everything’s done with!

Fewer Plastics

Thanks to popular shows like Blue Planet II, the public has suddenly woken up to the environmental evils of disposable plastics. A such, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a biodegradable straw poking out of your cocktail at your next reception.

Bigger Cakes

The steady expansion of the ‘statement’ wedding cake looks set to continue in 2019. Instead of an assortment of different deserts, couples are choosing to consolidate into a single massive one. The various layers of the cake can provide all the variety a celebration could call for!

Photo Booths

Of course, photo booths have been popular for a while now. And they’re showing no sign of going anywhere anytime soon! They’re a convenient and entertaining means of keeping all of your guests occupied – and they’ll provide lasting mementos of the occasion for you to look back on years down the line. Given that we’re one of the best photo-booth suppliers in Buckinghamshire, you’ll want to get in touch if you’re in the market for one for your upcoming wedding!

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